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Declaring your love with a rose bouquet



“Roses are red Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, and so are you” one more time “Roses are red Violets are blue, you are cute, I’m falling in love with you” Each time I think about roses I reminisce my time in Kinder garden. The most beloved flower in the world is probably the rose flower. Their beautiful appearance and elegant perfume will melt the hardest of hearts and over the centuries there have been many stories, many legends about the rose flower. Some even say the rose flower is a work of art. Even William Shakespeare in his novel Romeo and Juliet makes mention of the attributes of a rose flower by using an analogy.


The most widely used meaning that roses convey within their beautiful and perfect petals is that of love. Nothing expresses the words “je t’aime” (I love you) like a bouquet of Red roses, whether it’s for a birthday or Valentine’s Day it is the ultimate declaration of love. White roses are often associated with new beginnings and marriages. A bouquet of White roses sent via a florist delivery service is a perfect way of telling a loved one “I’m thinking of you”. Pink roses are the perfect type of roses used for multipurpose occasions like showing a sign of affection, admiration or appreciation, a bouquet of pink roses can express diverse emotion. The orange rose is an indication of passion and intensity. And lastly, the Yellow Rose. Yellow roses are the most appropriate when you want to send a joyful message, they are used to display a sign of friendship. So a bouquet of yellow roses lightens the atmosphere making them a perfect way of saying congratulations, get well soon or thank you.


Although there are other rose colors like black, blue and even purple so too is a pool of meanings to choose from when giving a rose bouquet and the meanings can all be related to the feeling of love.

So if you are in a relationship whether romantic or platonic giving a rose bouquet is a classic way of communicating your feelings to your significant order.


Remember, Roses are red, violets are blue, we buy from Mflorist, and so should you.




  1. I like that you mention using a florist delivery services to show your love and to choose the right color of roses for the meaning you want to convey, such as red or white for love or yellow for friendship. When choosing a rose delivery service, you might want to go online to research local companies that offer this service. Choosing one that works locally could ensure the flowers get to them on time and without any issues.


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