1. Dance-A-Thon

If you have a thing for singing, then your most likely have a thing for dancing. Music always gets people wanting to bust a move. Plant for a dance-a-thon in the school where students can register and compete against each other in timed dance shifts. Family, friends and the students not competing can pay to watch the event and the winners gifted with appropriated prizes.


2. Board-Walk

The board-walk is a fun event where the school’s board members are put to use. They are the senior executives of the school who are at the forefront of the school’s development and what better way to showcase this than pitting them against each other in a competition for raising money. The board members will way silly costumes or funny signs and strut their stuff on stage with photos take and posted on social networks to reach the corporate world to give donations.


3. Sing-A-Thon

Everyone, from the small kids to the teens and adults will have a favorite tune they warble when in the shower. So why not have them showcase their abilities by hosting a sing-a-thon in the school auditorium, gym, or cafeteria? It is a fantastic fundraising idea that will have everyone excited, from those getting a chance to perform on a stage to those coming to get entertained. Put together a panel of judges that consists of parents, students, and school faculty and be creative with prize categories such as Best Vocal, Most Enthusiasm or even Best Impersonation.


4. Tough ‘Mudder’

The tough will survive through this physically demanding competition that has participants wet, sweating, and covered in mud. It is a fantastic idea for the older kids, teachers, and parents. A kids version can also include but should be lesser of an endurance run compared to that of the adults and teenagers or youths. Kids love any opportunity they can get to play in the mud, just without the obstacle courses.


5. Chess-A-Thon

It is possible to engage in some challenging competition without having to sweat; this one will, nonetheless, have the mind sweating. It will involve the use of wits, strategic and skillful moves to edge out the rest and emerge as the winner. The chess-a-thon can be held in the school library or gym.


6. Uniform Dollars

Some schools run partnerships with the businesses that supply their uniforms, offering a percentage of their sales profit to the schools in question. Dollars in Uniform by French Toast is one very notable and well run example of this.


7. Dog Walk

It is a fantastic idea where parents, teachers, and pupils with dogs can bring their pets to have some fun as they compete against each other. The dogs will take part in a timed walk for a set distance. You can also partner with the local animal shelter and rescue organizations to take part in the charity event, where they can also set up adoption opportunities to anyone seeking to own a pet. Other animals can also take put in the competition; it doesn’t have to be restricted to only dogs.


8. Bike-A-Thon

Participants should be in teams that will compete against each other for the prize. It is a fun money raising event that works because most of the people you are counting on their support have bicycles. Teachers, parents, and kids are all allowed to participate where the teachers can be teamed with their respective classes or parents teamed with their kids. The school faculty, teachers, coaches, and principals can also be a team.


9. Neon Run

The bike-a-thon, race or even walk competitions can be done at night and dubbed as neon night runs. It is a fun charity occasion where the participants get to enjoy the 80’s neon groove. It is all about having everything glowing, and light in neon and teams can be groups based on their colors and compete against each other for the top prize. Options include glow paint, glow balloons, glow sticks, neon lights among others.


10. Tug Of War

The event will be a memorable experience for all and is best for the older kids in senior high or college. The competing teams can also include the teachers and parents. It is a chance for them to flex their muscles and get cheered to pull for charity. The little ones can also be allowed to have a go at it just to make the event exciting for them too.


11. Read-A-Thon

The event can be a fun way of inspiring the culture or loving to read in the students. It works by having each pupil pledge to read a particular number of pages in a book or to read several books. And it is not only reading by also giving an oral summary of the read and then being awarded a fancy certificate. Parents can also take part in it (the school can set up a companion PTA Book Club for a read-a-thon where other schools in the district also take part).


12. Color Run

The idea is simple, have the students of all ages take up in a race. They should be in white clothes and run a set distance getting splattered with colored water balloons and powder at specific points along the designated route. For a small donation, participants can get things such as goggles and hair caps or even white sweatbands.