With 2020 in full flow, changes are coming – especially when it comes to web design. For those developing and creating a web design that stands out from the rest of the pack, it is always essential to stay in touch with the latest website design trends. Here is what you can expect in 2020:

1 – The Simplistic & Minimalist Design

The new wave of style when it comes to website design in 2020 is being simple and minimalistic. The more stripped back the design, the more approachable and engaging it is for users. People don’t find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to visiting a site that is minimal as possible. While a minimalist design means different things to different people, in basic terms, it means extensive use of space, with no single element distracting attention from the user. You can easily incorporate it into your web design in 2020.

2 – Dark Mode

Dark Mode is so the thing right now that you would be mad not have incorporated it into your website design. Having dark mode means that the visibility of your site will improve; it is better for people’s eyesight (less strain) and is more visually stunning than the typical white backgrounds. Try to get as dark as you can in 2020 – your users will love it.

3- Go For Bold Fonts

Against a simple background, nothing is going to stand out more than bold fonts, which is precisely the lastest style to hit the web design industry. Bold fonts are engaging for all users, hooking them in, as people consider it something special. It is also more accessible for people to read and can differentiate between pointless information and essential content. It is, without a doubt, an impressive factor to include when it comes to deciding on which fonts will work best for your website.

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4- Get Emotional With Your Web Design

There is no denying that when it comes to website design, there has to be a certain level of emotion to it. It is why many web design agencies are adding an emotional edge to their creations. The shift towards a greater emotional impact is paramount for hooking in users and keeping them engaged with your site. Whether that design is happy, humorous, or even hostility, emotion breeds reaction, which in turn, makes your users get active on your website.

5- Incorporating Data Visualization

Humans have always been visual creatures, so it is much easier for users to comprehend information when it is provided to them in an engaging visual way, as opposed to a block of text. It’s why data visualization is quickly becoming an essential tool for creating visually appealing websites. The data can capture the attention of audiences and hook them in for the long-haul. It can make a substantial difference in how your site is perceived and how users use it.

6- Include A Distinct Brand Personality

Your users cannot acknowledge the representation of your brand if there is no distinct tone to it. In 2020, the aim is simple: in all aspects of your design, make sure to match the style of your structure, illustrations, layout, interaction and visual data with your brand personality. Only that way, can you make your business stand out from everyone else’s.