Perth is an amazing city that has a lot to offer. From the beautiful beaches to the stunning parks and nature reserves, there’s always something new to explore and enjoy. You can take sights from one of the many majestic coastal lookouts or go for a hike in spectacular hills with your friends. If you’re into sports, you can always go for a round of golf at many world-class courses in the area. In fact, there are so many activities to do in Perth that it can be overwhelming at times!

However, if you live in a city like Perth which offers so much, it can be quite a challenge to find reliable storage solutions. Unfortunately, there are many horror stories of customers who have had their belongings damaged or even stolen while in storage. Plus with so many self-storage companies available today, how do you know which ones are right for your needs?

Below are some tips to help you out:

1) Do they offer climate-controlled storage?

In Perth, where temperatures can be scary high in summer and freezing cold in winter, it’s worth considering most items you might want to store.

If you’re storing goods that are sensitive to the weather (think leather couches, old family photo albums, etc.), climate-controlled storage is the way to go. The term refers to facilities with a system to keep your belongings comfortable in spite of what’s going on outside: think air conditioning and dehumidifiers inside and insulation from harsh sun outside. Learn more about the features and benefits of climate controlled storage by visiting Keep Safe Storage has been one of the most established names when it comes to storage solutions.

Non-climate controlled storage units have a minimum amount of protection (usually just insulation) against extreme temperatures and humidity levels. However, these units are significantly cheaper than climate-controlled ones. So if you don’t mind the heat or cold getting at your belongings—or don’t need any special conditions at all—a non-climate controlled unit could be right for you. You also have the option of drive-up access units that are somewhat similar to non-climate controlled ones but give you easy vehicle access (a great choice if you’ll be moving things around often).

2) Is it secure?

You want to be sure that the storage facility has taken steps to protect your belongings from theft. Make sure security is a high priority for the company, and not an afterthought. The company should have staff on-site at all times, and security cameras installed in key areas. Look for information about their security measures on their website, and if you don’t see it there—ask! A reputable self-storage company will be happy to tell you about the steps they’ve taken to protect your things.

Some questions you might ask include:

  • Do you have a policy against loitering?
  • Are your facilities monitored by staff or by video recording?
  • Do you have any insurance policies in place?
  • What happens if someone tries to break into my unit?

Additionally, make sure they have an alarm system in place so if someone were to try and break in at night or when staff aren’t around, law enforcement would be alerted right away.

3) How’s the customer service?

When you’re looking for a self-storage company, you also want to make sure that the service is good. Is there someone available to help you with your needs? Can they answer questions about what is needed? Are they able to assist with problems or concerns? The staff should be friendly and helpful, and they should be knowledgeable about what they are selling. They can make recommendations when needed, and they can help you with things like moving and packing. You’ll also want to know if there is a manager on site at all times, so if you have questions or concerns, a representative will be available to answer them.

4) What kind of units do they have to offer?

  • What kind of units are available?
  • How much will your goods fit into the units?
  • What features can you take advantage of?
  • Is climate control available?

Finally, before you sign on the dotted line, research what other customers have to say about their experiences with that company. Check customer reviews, both online and from friends and family who’ve used them in the past. You might even want to visit the facility in person before committing. If a storage facility is professional and customer service oriented, they’ll likely be eager for you to know what it’s like to work with them.

5) Do they offer online reservations and rental agreements?

Another important consideration when choosing a self-storage company is how technologies are integrated into the company’s operations. You should be able to find the website of your chosen self-storage provider easily through a Google search, and once you’re there, you should be able to make reservations and rental agreements online. Most reliable companies will also have an option for completing payment for your reservation or rental agreement online.

This makes it easy to schedule a rental agreement or reserve space from anywhere at any time, as well as making it more convenient for both parties if something needs to be signed or paid after normal business hours.

6) What are their hours like?

  • Facilities hours: What are the facility hours? Most facilities are open during business hours, so if you want to get into your storage unit outside of these times, it may not be possible. If you need access before or after business hours on a regular basis, make sure that the facility you choose offers 24-hour access.
  • Customer service and office hours: Along with the normal operating hours of their site, a good storage provider will also offer at least some customer support services outside of normal business hours. At the very least, they should have a phone number that you can call in case of emergency.
  • Hours for moving in and out: While many storage facilities allow their customers to move in and out outside of normal business hours, check whether there are any extra fees involved in doing this (like an overnight fee). If you’re going to be moving at night or on weekends regularly, this is something that could affect your choice as it might increase your costs significantly over time!

7) Are there any reviews on the company or website?

A good storage solutions company won’t be afraid to display their reviews on their website. These reviews are a great way for you to see how other customers feel about the company. When you’re looking through these reviews, pay attention to what kind of issues were mentioned in negative comments and how the company responded to them. This can help you gauge how well they communicate with their customers and how invested they are in providing an excellent service for all clients.

But you have to know that reviews aren’t only found on a company’s website. That is why it’s important that you look at alternative sources like Trustpilot and Google Reviews as well as social media posts from previous customers (which can sometimes be even more valuable).

8) Take a look at the facility for yourself.

A self-storage company should offer you a tour of the facilities when you come to see them so that you can get a feel for the neighbourhood, and make sure that everything is clean and well-maintained. Also, make sure that the security measures are good enough for your needs.

If possible, visit their other locations as well. Nowadays, many self-storage companies have more than one location in Perth or even all over Australia; if you have access to several providers’ facilities and locations, this will give you a much better idea of how they operate and what kinds of clients they attract.


Finding a reliable Self Storage Company in Perth is easier than you think.

Finding a reliable Self Storage Company in Perth is easier than you think. To help, we’ve compiled eight essential tips to ensure your storage experience is a simple and hassle-free one.