In this day of advanced and modern technology, one may think that they keep themselves sufficiently updated about the latest technology services and products. While this may be true for some of us, for many of us our busy lives keep us in ignorance of many things, and we tend to miss out on a lot of new and upcoming advancements. One of such examples of technology is the Virtual PBX. Have you heard of it or you may have come across and you didn’t know what it was? If so, good for you but if no, we are here give you all the information you will need.


What is Virtual PBX?

Although it is not a common term, however, virtual PBX (private branch exchange) basically is an innovative phone system that is not only cost effective but is also simple to use and can be accessed from any part of the world. But why is it virtual? It is because it makes use of the already present and installed phones and lines of businesses. By using the internet connection as a method of keeping the telecommunication lines interlinked, you can easily arrange for conference calls, forwards calls, generate greeting cards and so much more.

If you transfer the original communications to telecommunications in your office, it will help you achieve professional communications without downgrading the reliability. Imagine, if a customer calls at your company number and instead of relying on human voice, you have a pre-recorded auto attendant to answer the customer without any error or delays normally associated with human interaction.  The auto-generated voice will state your business name and introduction and give extension numbers to their associated departments and as well routing them to the right extensions. Such greetings can also be customized to hours you want them to be functional. Even if somebody calls after hours you can have another auto voice ask to leave a voicemail.

Since these virtual PBX systems are linked via the internet, all office workers at all ranks can accept calls on any phone at any location. You forward the calls to a phone located offsite, it can be a home office or a relative’s house and ensure that every call is attended to timely. It has plenty of benefits; it lessens the time for hold and increases efficiency, leading to better customer satisfaction as they can speak to one source without being directed and redirected to several employees.

More about Virtual PBX:

Of course, Virtual PBX isn’t just limited to auto-generated voices for phone calls, there is room for this technology to be applied to the domain of texting as well. Virtual PBX can be used for the following reasons:

  1. Quick information delivery: updates received via text are still essential to disseminate information quickly. It can be gate change at the airport, change of timings to the attendees of a business meeting or simply as reminders to clients about their appointments in a way that is not only effective but engages them as well.
  2. Conversations in mini form: a text is a highly summarized piece of information that gives critical or key information, as unlike email which is drafted in an elongated way, the text is much more direct and to the point. So it is good for sending updates in a timely and efficient manner that makes sure the receiver gets the crux of the information.
  3. Silent mode of communication: often times we want to share information with our fellows during an important meeting, hence you can make use of Virtual PBX. If there is something important, a discreet information or discrepancy, it can be communicated through the text to your choice of receiver.

Cloud PBX:

A Cloud PBX system stems from cloud computing technology. The data is stored and communicated through the internet instead of a hardware device. Previously PBX system and set up required a large of operators and hardware. It is costly for a company to run this entire operation and even more expensive when its location has to be changed. Hence a company can just obtain virtual PBX services company. They receive cloud PBX without the added cost of running and maintaining the entire set up for it for a fee, which is way less than the entire set up.


Free virtual PBX

SendMyCall offers free Virtual PBX services. With the purchase of a Local or Toll-Free number you getting free Virtual PBX for your business needs. It allows your customers to get access to all auto attendant services along with advanced call forward, automated greetings, voicemail, touchtone menus, conference, and fax calling. Moreover, this is a hosted VPBX service, which is configured through web interface quite easily and quickly, having drag and drop objects connected logically to properly define the structure and flow of your PBX.

SendMyCall provides you all services hosted on one PBX platform. It is not only efficient, quick and simple to use it also allows you to manage and direct the outgoing and incoming calls according to your needs and requirements for your business.


SendMyCall provides the following service for your business needs:

  • Accept calls from one or more groups of local numbers
  • Ring and find groups with time based call routing.
  • Call forwarding to different numbers or voicemail towards multiple destinations simultaneously or otherwise as per to pre-defined order.
  • Allow callers to listen to customized recording messages
  • Complete IVR features with call routing to extension numbers and voicemail boxes as per your business requirements.
  • Receive fax to Gmail or other email of your preference
  • Allow conference calls
  • Voicemails sent to designated email addresses
  • Call forwarding to any phone number (mobile or landline)
  • Forwarding voice mail destinations to mobile or landline requires per minute charges.
  • Dial tone access to outbound calls (DISA) requires per minute charges.
  • Playback or message recordings, inclusive of file uploading and text to speech features.

Virtual PBX is always a step forward for taking your business towards growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction. You get our prime services for free without creating and setting up your own PBX system. As a vested business oriented individual to consider a Virtual PBX system, we will be delighted and honored to serve you.