A quality tote bag can do wonders for your business. This is why businesses around Los Angeles have been using tote bags to grow their brand. Tote bags are more than just functional items, but also stylish statement pieces that people love to use.

Businesses are in the search for wholesale tote bags Los Angeles where they can buy large quantities of tote bags that they can easily customize, whether to show off their company logo as a giveaway during trade shows or to use as gift wrap during company events.

What wholesale tote bags can do for you

There are a number of reasons why your business needs to invest in tote bags. Here are a few of them:

They boost brand recognition

It is estimated that tote bags are reused for nearly 7 months after they’re received. More people will get to see your logo once that one customer uses your bag to do errands.

They double as a gift wrap

Tote bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to wrapping paper. You can use your custom tote bag to toss in promotional items that you give away during company events and other occasions.

They reduce waste

Using wholesale tote bags Los Angeles can educate your customers on the importance of sustainable living and of living a waste-free lifestyle. Tote bags are biodegradable since they’re made of natural fibers.

Popular tote bags

Tote bags come in various shapes and sizes.

  • Clear tote bags – ideal for rainy days and for showing off more products
  • Hemp tote bags – biodegradable and easily customizable
  • Folding tote bags – folds into a handkerchief-sized bag for convenience
  • Jute tote bag – canvas bag that has more structure than a hemp tote bag
  • Trade show and shopping totes – high-quality totes that have a shinier finish, given away during tradeshows

What’s the best place to buy wholesale tote bags?

There are several choices when it comes to buying wholesale tote bags Los Angeles. Ideally, your supplier should be able to customize the bag immediately for you. They should also be able to understand your brand, and what message you’re trying to tell your customers. Your supplier will become a long-term partner in business, so it’s best to work with a reliable and reputable company that can provide high-quality totes whatever time of the year.

Here are some great choices:

  • Studio D Merchandise
  • Totebag Factory
  • BagzDepot

Bottom Line

Tote bags are great marketing tools that you can use for your business. With a custom tote bag, you can entice your customers and promote your brand easily.