Wear your watch, put that pedometer in your bag, hold your cellphone and pick up your tablet (in case you want to use the apps) for your journey; tough! Isn’t it? While technology has brought the world closer to each other, similarly it has shrunk all of these devices into a single device. “What’s that?” A smart watch, as the name suggests, a smarter decision is to buy this one watch and enjoy all of the functions.



A big reason why you should buy them is to cut down the cost of buying each device separately. You can enjoy all of the features in a lesser time and in a more efficient way. The features vary but all good smart watches are able to track your physical activity, notify you about the social media and connect you with the world. Say goodbye to every other device and have the entire world around your wrist!



Smart watches have become so popular that their variety is unlimited in the market. “Ah, thanks God I can finally buy one!”—Do not get satisfied just by its availability because there are features to consider in order to buy the right one:


In order to be a smart watch, your watch must be able to track your heart rate, calories etc. It should allow you to be able to receive calls and call back. In case your watch doesn’t do this, then it’s just a band with a dial!



“But the watch was so expensive…” –Only excuses such as this are left to use when your watch stops working after being hit with a raindrop. This feature is more vital than it appears to be so make sure your watch can survive water splashes!



Since metaphorically, you’re wearing the world around your wrist, you want to make sure it doesn’t weigh too much. While smart watches can look elegant, be sure to buy a smart watch which is light in weight and normal in size.



A good smart watch must last up to a day at least, if it doesn’t, get it returned because it will be a problem in the long run. Moreover, make sure your watch matches with your phone (a smart watch is extremely dumb if it can’t pair with your phone!).

“A criteria to follow?”- Seems tough at first, but when it leads you to a satisfying companion (talking about a good smart watch) only then you realize how crucial this was. However, to make that even easier for you, we have already chosen for you the BEST SMART WATCH


to buy this:
UNDER $50. Proud to introduce “SKYGRAND” watch.

  1. This elegant watch has been designed delicately into a small sized watch to consume low power.
  2. You can buy 4 stars rated watch at an AFFORDABLE price.
  3. Only 1-2 hours needed to feed it up for 15-30 days! Charge it for an hour, use it for a month.
  4. It has a built-in GPS which after being connected to a device, will display the route you took.


Still confused why this has to be the best option? Read further to be sure:


Making your way to a healthy lifestyle? Let this watch be the road to it!

“How?”- This watch can ensure a good night sleep and a healthy heart rate for you. Not by feeding you meds of course, but by measuring how much uninterrupted or disturbed sleep you had last night. The heart rate is measured EVERY 5 minutes and its graph is available on Skygrand’s app.



“Where’s my pedometer to check how many calories I lost?” –It has been thrown away because this watch is your new pedometer. It will show how much distance you travelled, the calories you burned, the jumps you survived or the steps you took. Having 14 exercise modes can help you understand your physical activity more accurately.



You don’t have your phone with you and someone texted you, don’t worry, your watch will vibrate right when you receive the text! You can read and reply to the text, receive and make calls, recall the saved important events and stay socialized!



The burden of taking off your watch first before you dive in is a big turn off! But not for this watch because it comes with a waterproof screen so you can wear it under a waterfall or under the rain!

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This watch, clearly, fulfills all of the required features (in fact, has it more!). So why waste time and money on other watches when what you need is right in front of you?