Are you tired of using an old telephone system? Thinking of using Panasonic Branch Exchange (PBX) system? For those who don’t know, the PBX system is a telephone switching system in a company. It enables both, the internal staff, and outside callers to have access to several lines. This is an effective way to communicate with all the departments.

There are several telephone systems available on the market; unfortunately, not all the systems are great as Panasonic PABX System. It is an amazing telephone system as it is capable of keeping a detailed record of the call log. The Panasonic telephone systems were created keeping in mind all types of businesses; from enterprises to small businesses. The PBX system is perfect for medium sized businesses.

Wondering are PBX systems good? In this article, we have reviewed the PBX systems. Take a look!

Types of PBX Systems

The market is filled with several types of PBX systems. Here are a few types of PBX systems.

IP PABX System

In this system, the calls are transferred over the internet. These systems use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and there is no need to use a phone provider for making calls.

Traditional PABX Program

This system has a switchboard box that can attach several phone lines to plenty of extensions. It can also connect calls to a telephone service provides like Telkom.

Managed PABX System

It is an offshoot of VoIP technology as it enables you to remotely work from anywhere. This will connect you to the business telephone system and receive calls on your mobile phone.

Cross PABX Program

The cross PABX program is a hybrid system that offers the best VoIP technology and traditional PABX telephone system. It is a great option for companies whose phone lines should be accessible at all times.

Virtual PABX System

It uses VoIP technology and is just like a hosted PABX system. This system is perfect for small businesses as it is budget friendly.

Benefits of IP PABX System

Here are some of the benefits of using IP PABX systems.

  • The IP PBX is costing saving as it uses a VoIP technology. This helps in increasing your savings, especially if you are making international or long-distance calls.
  • When it comes to managing the system, it is extremely easy to use because systems are run off software. This means you can easily use it through your workplace computer. There is no need for technical skills, someone who has basic computer and networking knowledge can set the system.
  • Adding more phone lines to the IP PBX system is a breeze. You can add upgrades and file formats without any difficulty in the network.
  • Since the system uses VoIP, there is no need for phone line wiring.
  • Most PBX systems offer a wide range of features including diverts, call groupings, voicemail, and custom reporting.
  • If someone is not in the office, they can receive the phone call on their mobile phones. This is because VoIP that allows you to safely transfer the call.

Best PBX Systems to Get

1.     Panasonic KX-NSX2000

This is an excellent IP PBX system for a growing company looking for a flexible system. It can be used as a network to connect servers or as a standalone system. The system has the capability to manage 2000 devices up to 32 sites. A great thing about this system is that it can be operated remotely. It also allows you to have access to advanced IP networking along with an automated back-up.

Key Features

  • Enables video communication
  • It has a built-in call center
  • Comes with video, audio, and IM chat options
  • Allows partner application linking
  • Can be integrated with Outlook and calendar
  • Offers advanced call routing
  • Provides unified messaging

2.     Panasonic KX-NS700

Another great PBX system is KX-NS700. This is designed for a small growing business as it can be expanded using add-ons and licenses. It can be extended to 250 users and can be used through the blend of IP and legacy telephones. The system is an alternate for cloud-based PBXs.

Key Features

  • Comes with a communication assistant app
  • Capable of linking to the Microsoft Exchange
  • It can even be connected to Microsoft Outlook

3.     Panasonic KX-TEB308BX

If you have a small business and looking for a flexible telephone system, KX-TEB308BX is the best choice. A wonderful thing about this system is that it is compatible with several devices like fax machines, modems, answering machines, cordless phones, and credit card verifiers. The system has an electronic station lock that prevents unauthorized personnel to make calls.

Key Features

  • Has 3-level auto-reception with voice guidance
  • It features flexible SMS routing
  • Capable of 5-party conference
  • Great Voice mail integration
  • Available with 3 fixed central lines
  • Comes with 4 hybrid extensions

4.     Panasonic KX-TDE600BX

One of the best PBX systems available is KX-TDE600BX. This system has the ability to support a wide range of IP telephones. The best feature of this system is that it is scalable. This means the telephone system can grow as your company expands.

Moreover, the system has different options, the primary option can be offered for 192 users. However, it can be expanded to 640 users. It is compatible with several types of phones including PDA softphone, IP telephones, mobile phones, and digital phones.

When it comes to using the system, it is quite easy. This system has simple reporting and centralized management.

Key Features

  • Has a centralized voicemail
  • Comes with a voicemail assistant
  • SIP trunking
  • Has great mobile integration
  • Communication Assistant productivity application suite
  • Excellent application integration between network and desktop

Therefore, a Panasonic telephone system is an excellent choice. It is scalable, meaning it can grow together with your business. You will not have to switch to a new system whenever you scale up. Are you looking for PABX System Dodoma? We are providing a wide range of PBX systems that will be suitable for your company. For more details, kindly give us a call or visit our website.