In order to protect a bed, you need to do more than place clean sheets on the mattress once a week. You also need a mattress protector to help protect the fabric of the mattress as well as your overall investment.

Let’s face it we human beings will end up spending at least a third of our entire lives sleeping. Yet what we fail to realize is that there is more to sleeping than just lying down and shutting your eyes. The quality of your sleep matters every bit as much as the quantity does. The place where you sleep must be clean and comfortable. And that is exactly where bed mattress protection can prove to be very useful.

How much money did you spend on your bedding? You must have spent a significant amount.  So to protect this hefty investment of yours, the easiest way to do so is to use some form of mattress protection. You do not want to spend more money replacing your mattress if it gets ruined, do you. The idea of protecting your mattress is for you to maximize the useful life of your mattress for as many years as possible.


What to consider when buying a mattress protector

Weight; with most bedding the first indication of quality is the grams per square meter rating. A budget protector will be a simple cover weighted at around 50 to 100gsm. A high-end protector will be well over 1000gsm. The difference is both in the cover and quilting. A budget protector will most likely have a polyester cover and little or no quilting. But the high-end one will most definitely have a heavier 100% cotton cover with special filling that weighs more.

Types of covers; Different levels of waterproof matress protectors are available depending on the cover and filling of the protector. A lower level of resistance is shown by the terms ‘moisture’ or ‘water resistant’. These protectors are usually made from polypropylene. The highest level will be indicated by the term ‘waterproof’.

Type of fillings; the high-end mattress protectors have high-quality fillings that will last longer. A mid-range will have hollow fiber and the budget protector will most likely have a polyester filling. Luxury protectors have a silicone ball fiber filling that is encased in boxes sewn into the cover to prevent the filling from moving around. This kind of luxury will definitely command a substantial price, but if you’ve got the cash why not splash it and get yourself a protector that protects and adds comfort.

Sizes; some protectors will only be available in the most common mattress sizes; single, double, queen and king. So it is important to know whether you need imperial or metric sizes for your mattresses. Metric size protectors will often be larger than the equivalent imperial size.

Fire Safety: this is very important for the hotels and hospitality sector. Mattress protectors must meet fire safety standards there are special protectors available.

So if you want to add more years to the life of your mattress, you should get an twin xl memory foam mattress protector. This is what you need to ward off germs, bacteria and bed bugs. This is also what you need to avoid staining the mattress. Click the following link if you want a Complete mattress dimension and size guide.