2019 is nearing its end, so you know what that means. It’s time to start preparing for the new year and ways to improve the wellness in the workplace. Workplace wellness is a very important thing to maintain. It’s what keeps you and the employees happy, healthy and financially stable.

With the new year on the horizon, tons of organizations and companies will be doing everything in their power to meet their employee’s needs and wants. Here are a few corporate wellness trends to keep an eye out for.


Mental Health

The mental health of your employees is crucial to how they perform at work. With so many tasks to do in so little time, it can overwhelm even the most productive employees. Offering benefits like individual and group therapy and courses on mindfulness is a great way to improve the mental health of your staff. By being in a better frame of mind, production levels will skyrocket, which can drastically improve the company’s overall profit.

Since many people are embarrassed to admit their struggling, it’s important to know the signs of when someone is going through a tough time. These may include reduction in work performance and quality, depressed mood and irritability.


Stress Reduction

It’s no secret that everyone gets stressed in the workplace. As such, it’s important to make sure that stress is kept at an all-time low. Work can be downright difficult at times, and employees know that first hand. However, there are things that you can do to keep your employees happy and stress-free. This can include offering them PTO, let them know that they can take breaks when needed, give them a more flexible work schedule or add something fun to the workplace.

Giving employees paid time off lets them comfortably take time off work without having to worry about missing a paycheck. Offering employees more time for breaks will allow them to unwind and make work seem less demanding. A more flexible work schedule is great for employees who have a demanding home life.

Maybe they have a sick relative who requires special care or they have small children. Either way, having more flexibility in their schedule can help them manage their time better between their personal life and worklife.

Finally, adding something fun in the workplace can be a great stress reliever. It can be anything such as a pool table, board games, making the office dog-friendly, dart boards or even a video game. Sure, it might be a bit counterintuitive, but allowing employees time to goof around for a little while can significantly reduce stress levels.


Financial Stability

One of the biggest worries among employees is their financial situation. Constantly stressing about how much they earn and whether thy can make ends meet is a very common cause for anxiety. In addition, it’s also known to significantly reducing productivity levels and overall work efficiency. No one works so hard to have a mediocre pay.

Maybe you’re not able to give them a pay increase, however, it’s important to make the job as financially rewarding as possible. Offering benefits and corporate rewards that reveal social responsibility, a 401k plan, health insurance or an employee assistance program (EAP) can certainly be helpful to the employees.

Keeping an eye on these corporate wellness trends will greatly improve productivity, camaraderie and personal enrichment. As standalone-options or packaged together for group sessions, the overall success of your business depends on your and your employees’ level work-life balance.