The digital marketing is the new entrant in the realm of online marketing. The internet and digital communications have changed the way people used to buy products and the companies used to sell their products. The internet has become a prerequisite thing for everyone these days and a plethora of statistics has claimed that near about 400 million people are using the internet in India and it is evolving day by day. Since the growth of the internet is unprecedented over the past few years, hence people and companies are preferring digital media over the traditional media.


There is a chunk of reasons behind the phenomenal growth of digital marketing

  • It is cost-effective
  • It provides a two-way communication
  • Unfathomable mileage


The unstoppable growth of digital media has motivated many aspirants to choose this field if they want to make a scintillating future. If you’re in Kerala, you can find many institutes who provide digital marketing courses, so you can do some research and find out the best digital marketing training institutes in Kochi and other places and join the course so as to make a good career in this field.


Below, we are mentioning some job opportunities that you can get if you complete your digital marketing training courses.  


  1.     A web developer: The prime job and responsibilities of a web developer are to design some eye-catching and compelling websites for the clients. A web developer is responsible for designing, coding and adding multifarious features on the website so that it will look more user-friendly, accessible, and eye-catching. The average salary a web developer is 3-6 Lakhs per annum, but after some years they can expect more.


  1.     SEO expert: An SEO expert is a key person for a company because he or she plays an important role in digital marketing strategies of the company. This person is also responsible to generate a good the web traffic for the company. They should also know the complete knowledge of SEO so that they can uplift the company’s website rank in a SERP. These people also need to take care of other things like web analytics, PPC, Google Adwords, paid campaign and keyword count. As an SEO expert, you can expect a salary of 3-7 Lakhs.


  1.     Social Media Manager: This person should possess a comprehensive knowledge of all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Because he or she is the key person who needs to do promotions for the company’s product, services or any special feature in various social mediums. The person should be well-coordinated with the content team and marketing team so that he can stay updated regarding all the marketing and the promotional strategies and can post them in social media channels. An efficient social media manager can earn nearly 3.5-7 Lakhs per annum depending on his expertise and knowledge.


  1.     Content manager: A content manager also plays an important role in the growth of a company. Because he is the person who usually creates different compelling contents and promotes them on various channels like the blogs, websites, social media sites, etc. This person should have a proficient knowledge of English and sometimes, also needs some technical knowledge. If you are good in English and know how to play with the words, then you can start your career as a content writer. The average salary is Rs 2.5-5 lakhs.


  1.     Analytics manager: This person should possess a complete knowledge of all the analytics tool including Google analytics, Yahoo Analytics, Piwik, Clicky, and Omniture. With these tools and his innate skills, the person can provide wider insights to the company and can help the company to take some robust business decisions which are based on those data and information. At the starting of your career as an analytics manager, you can earn Rs. 3.5-4 lakhs. Once you become more experienced and knowledgeable, then you can expect a salary of 8-10 lakhs annually.


  1.     Digital marketing manager: To grab this position, you need at least more than 7-8 years of experience in this field and you should have enough creativity and thinking power. Because as a digital marketing manager of a company, you need to take care of every aspect of digital marketing. You also need to take care of how to enhance web traffic or any updated tool is required or not, etc., planning, promotional campaigns, any improvements in websites, and social media channels.  The starting salary of a digital marketing manager is nearly 7 Lakhs and it can go up to 10-12 Lakhs.


These are some jobs and career opportunities that you can get in India if you have successfully finished your digital marketing training courses. If you’re in Kerala, don’t waste your time, join the best institute which provides digital marketing courses in Calicut and take your career to the next level by entering into this futuristic area.