The Coronavirus lockdown has forced millions of people all over the world to stay indoors. People who usually love to socialize and mix with others may feel anxious. However, introverts may also feel isolated in this period, but the intensity of feeling lonely is more if you are an extrovert.

Many clinical experts say self-isolation and social distancing can cause social anxiety and emotional imbalance. So everyone must take care of their mental health during this pandemic. Here are some tips by experts that can help you avoid stress and depression in this critical situation.


Experts Advice on How to Avoid Anxiety and Depression

After several interviews and conversations with many clinical experts and psychiatrists, here, I have listed the top five tips to take care of your mental health.

1.     Socialize Slowly

People who are living with social anxiety can start socializing slowly. It will help them to feel comfortable with others. Once the pandemic situation becomes a little better, things will become easy, and they will feel confident and connected again.

Start with the people who are closest to you. Connect with them with whom you feel comfortable, and gradually you can increase your circle. Finally, expand your social circle with some awkward situations with whom you don’t feel comfortable.

2.     Imagine the Situations in Your Mind

If you feel socially anxious, imagine the situation in your mind before meeting someone. For example, if you are going to meet someone at a place, visualize how you want to feel in that scenario.

You may feel like the other person won’t like you or mock you. Now it’s a negative thought that you have believed to be the truth. You can simply think this situation as the other person was also socially isolated for months, and he or she may again be feeling the same way.

3.     Allow Yourself to Face Uncertainties

It is the first time in the modern world that everyone is inside the home for such a long time. So everyone has different types of uncertainties and doubts. No one has the right answer on how to deal with such situations. So the best way is to face the problem on your own. You will see that the anxiety will calm down gradually.

You cannot take the risk of putting yourself into very awkward situations that may put you in trouble. Just think about your age, lockdown situations, and your health history. Nobody is sure about what is ultimately the safe way to come out of the social fears. So share your feelings of anxiety with the people whom you trust.

4.     Involve in Some Productive Activities

Many people have lost their job in the pandemic. Some people are feeling anxious because of financial stress and job loss. If you are in such a situation, find an online income source, develop a skill, enroll in a self-development course, etc.

For example, you can learn about content marketing, online advertising, trading, investing, etc. Many people have indulged in trading bitcoin; you can Read more here about it.

5.     Practice Self-Care

Lastly, practice different self-improvement activities like breathing exercises, walking, jogging, etc. Some other practical tips are to write a journal, talk to your friends, and share your feelings to manage your stress and anxiety.

Although you may have many plans that failed due to the pandemic, nothing is more important than your health. So if you feel depressed or low confidence, never hesitate to seek professional help.



You may not overcome all the problems of your life during the pandemic, but you can take care of the things in your hands. It will make you confident, and you will be able to take your responsibilities gradually. I hope the above information has given you some value to take care of your mental health to avoid anxiety and depression in the lockdown. If you want any suggestions, please feel free to ask them in the comment box.