The use of marijuana has several effects on the mind and the body of the user. The effects include substance addiction that can lead to abusive use. It is because of this reason why marijuana is charged as illegal in almost all parts of the globe. However, there are also other effects that you may or may not know yet.

Some people who use marijuana as only recreational believes that since it is only used occasionally, it may not be as addictive as it is often claimed to be. That is why some states, especially in the US, are considering legalizing the use of it for medical and recreational purposes.

With that reason, we are now caught with a moral question of whether it is okay to legalize the use of marijuana. We cannot, of course, jump to conclusions without knowing and weighing facts about marijuana. This article will provide ample details and confounding facts that everyone should know about recreational marijuana use.

General Background on Marijuana Plant

Frequently referred to as weed, pot, grass, herb, five fingers, and other slang terms, marijuana or cannabis contains psychoactive chemicals such as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) that can alter the user’s state of consciousness into the feeling of joy, pleasure, and exhilaration.

Marijuana, classified as Cannabis sativa L, is a plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors. Like any other plant, it needs a proper amount of light, good soil, and lots of water to grow. This plant can be cultivated through seed-planting and germination.

However, what makes it difficult to cultivate is the purchasing of its seeds. Luckily, some states have marijuana seed banks that offer cannabis seeds at a fair price. If you consider purchasing its seeds, you should first check the reliability and the legitimacy of the bank seed supplier before giving a go.

The whole part of the cannabis plant can be used in smoking and other products. But each part has a different THC level. The highest concentration of THC can be found in marijuana’s flower or buds. In comparison, its leaves have the lowest concentration.

The marijuana plant is usually smoked like a cigarette, but it can also be brewed. For recreational use, some people, especially those who preferred not to smoke, mix or blend it in their cookies, chocolates, and other edible products.

What is Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana is often defined as the use of marijuana without any medical need. The use of the whole plant and its chemicals to alleviate pain or any symptoms of a disease is the purpose of medical marijuana. With recreational use, users smoke the buds and some leaves to get that “natural” high and calming effect the plant offers.

In the past, recreational use is often seen as illegal and dangerous. However, with more studies being done, recreational use is beginning to shed some healthy facts for everyone. For one, marijuana(depending on the strain) can help provide that natural high and induce a calming effect on the user. The high that recreational marijuana gives is far safer compared to being intoxicated with alcohol, which is more responsible for fatal DUI accidents.

The Upside Effects

Our mind controls our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It dictates what we should and should not do, and what we should feel and what we shouldn’t. When our mind is affected by using recreational marijuana, the effects are wholly manifested towards those three:

On Our Thoughts

Humans are natural thinkers. We think a lot, and sometimes we overthink everything around us. This overthinking can cause us anxiety. And thus, it can make us agitated. With the use of recreational marijuana, our thoughts become sharp and can help us think clearly. When we think clearly, we become calm.


Since our thoughts become sharp under the influence of recreational marijuana, our thinking capacity, and our ability to focus is also enhanced. Memorization of facts and being critical to opinions become more natural and bright.

On Our Emotions

Recreational marijuana can unceremoniously change our mood within seconds. A smoke of it can make you feel a sudden jolt of happiness, joy, and pleasure. That is why recreational marijuana is usually used during parties because of its euphoric effect.

On Our Actions

When under the use of recreational marijuana, our usual selves become more confident and daring. We can do things that we don’t usually do. Like, confidently contribute a part in a casual debate, or gracefully dance and sing in front of many people. Recreational marijuana lets us unleash the best parts of us.


The use of recreational marijuana is not as harmful as it is claimed to be. But with proper dosage and use, it is beneficial. The effects, although short-term, are more on self-improvement and self-calming. It also has medical benefits, which is also one of the main reasons why it should be legalized.