If you live in the US then you know we are no strangers to gun violence. As Americans, we often hear tragic stories every day involving guns. The number of deaths related to gun violence is staggering. And we never seem to learn till another tragedy happens. Proponents for and against gun violence often point fingers. Some say Oh! it’s the criminal’s others seem to think its mentally unstable people and ambitious politicians often use the topic of gun violence as a roller coaster ride to run for office. The bad thing is no one seems to come up with any concrete and drastic solution.

So do we sit back do nothing and rely solely on the police for our safety while our loved ones die from senseless acts of gun violence. Of course not. If we are going to reduce or stop the increase in gun violence and mass school shootings then we must protect ourselves and our children by enacting community change, buying bulletproof bag packs for our kids. We should also educate ourselves by looking at sites like Keep Guns Safe, which provide useful ways to protect kids from weapons.

However, with limited success, government, police, schools and nonprofit groups try to reduce gun violence with educational programs on child abuse, bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence and gangs as politicians write new gun control laws.

One of these laws based on the 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution was passed by the Supreme Court in 2010 that citizens everywhere have a right to keep firearms in their homes for self-protection.  But, The High Court also stated that local governments can still pass regulations regarding the ownership, storage, transport and use of firearms.

Individuals and advocacy groups that seek to reduce the level of gun violence in the society can still lobby for the following ten restrictions on firearms:

  • A general ban on assault weapons of all types.
  • No firearms for non-citizens or citizens under the age of 21.
  • Mandatory gun registration (like auto tags).
  • Individual gun permits (like driver’s licenses).
  • Mandatory safety training.
  • Close the gun show “loophole.”
  • Mandatory liability insurance for persons with guns.
  • No brandishing of guns in public.
  • Gun storage lockers if there are small children in the home.
  • Absolute liability on the gun owners part.

This is just a way for the government to curb gun control. The idea here is if the number of guns are reduced so too will gun violence. Needless to say, that’s not the case. The US still has the highest number of guns per head in the world.

In truth “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” We all know guns are neither “bad” nor “good,” “violent” nor “peaceful”. By themselves, but we need to take appropriate measures first.

That said mass school shootings are a recurring phenomenon in the USA and many teachers and parents fear for the lives of their children that such an occurrence could happen at their school. So provide your children with added protection with accessories like a bulletproof bag pack