Podium steps offer people a safe way to climb mid and low heights while working. They are stable and come with rails that guard the user to prevent falls and other accidents.

Podium steps are sometimes foldable, ensuring that they can pass through small openings, including the regular doorways. You can also assemble podium steps in a few minutes, unlike scaffold towers that take more time to set up.

If you want to purchasing podium steps or looking for podium steps for hire, read through this post and discover relevant information.


Why do you need podium steps?

Podium steps are safe for users and help you to get on and off a height without stress. Unlike ladders that restrict a user, podium steps allow a person to carry out a task without restrictions.

The most common podium steps provide several platform heights that allow you to stand at the correct level when decorating, drawing, or painting. Podium steps also help people who work on ventilators, cabling, and install alarms.


What are the types of Podium Steps?

Several podium steps exist in the market, and they have different features.

Some podium steps have only one platform height, which implies that you cannot go higher than that height. Other podium steps come with platform heights that are adjustable.

The adjustable heights span from 250milimeters to 2000 millimeters.

Whether you buy or rent podium steps with adjustable or static platforms, you can use them indoors or outdoors. Recently, some podium steps are also designed to stand on stairs.


Are podium steps safe?

Podium steps are very safe and secure for working at low-level heights. It is crucial to note that podiums also have standards of measurement to ensure that they are safe for use. Always ensure that a podium step meets these standards before purchasing.


What you should know when seeking podium steps for hire

Check for an EN 131 certification before hiring a podium step. Also, ensure that they meet HSE guidelines and that they fit your work environment.

Also, ensure that you visit trustworthy suppliers when sourcing for podium steps for hire. A reliable supplier will have a strong, affordable, and reliable podium step.


How often should you inspect your podium steps?

Always inspect your podium steps before using them and after use. Look for damage, dents, and breakage that will impede safety. Ensure that the kit is in place and nothing is out of order.


Podium Stabilizers and Castors

Many podium steps come with wheels that support quick transportation. They also have a working platform as wide as 400mmX600mm, which helps people to work flexibly.

The podium also has safety chains that sit behind a person and surround them in a safe enclosure. The podium also has extra stability produced by anti-surf equipment.

To prevent accidents that could make the podium fall over, they must undergo a standard test with stabilizers.

Every podium should also come with a users’ manual of instruction material that helps people understand how to set up, manage, and dismantle podium steps.