An organization is known by the way it works. Today, more than half the world is on mobile and there are no offices which are not connected to the internet in some way or the other. Digital workplaces come with a whole range of facilities that make the paper an unnecessary and irresponsible luxury. Irresponsible because, when humanity is trying to reverse global warming and its adverse effects we are using paper without consideration.


Here we explore the ways in which a document management system can solve your workplace predicaments by revolutionizing the way your office functions.


Automate Your Workflows

A DMS whether on SharePoint or on any other platform is fundamentally about managing the way documents move about in your company. Traditional methods rely on the babysitting approach with documents. It is not only time consuming but also has a debilitating effect on the employees. If you are running behind documents of your last work and are handling them from one process to another, your attention is bound to be divided.


Efficiently designed document management systems will take control of the flow of documents from the first point itself. You will have to sit back and work on your screen and it will guide it for further approval, review, suggestions, and edits. It will be like as if your wires are now a file carrying assistant. Automation saves time, helps your employees stay focused on the work.



Store and Stack Securely

The problem with handling document is only half over with automation. Now, the real question arises: “where will I keep my documents safely?” A DMS offers a complete solution to the safekeeping of documents. It uses the platform-specific features to create triple layer security to documents. Authorization can be also assigned without much technical knowledge to particular individuals. And in managing the supply chain ROIs, tendering and other procurement processes, it helps you to create separate workflows for vendors and dealers.


Locate Your Document Easily

Once you have found a way to safely keep your documents, the next hurdle that comes up is retrieving it. Keeping a filing system itself becomes overwhelming as the organization grows in size and business. You may never know when your clients may be asking for an old plan or strategy, bill or anything. The paper filing makes it very difficult to pick the docs at the right time.


A DMS offers a unique solution to the problem of document search. In handling real-time customer demand for documents or an archaic document inquiry whatever be the case, a DMS will bring you the very document you want. Even if it is a report generated by your performance management system of your previous employee or his health insurance history etc.


DMS uses metadata which helps employees at various levels of your organization to create a unifying set of tags. Each user is assisted with the list of such tags which they can update and use to maintain a common thread of digital tag running through all of them. When a particular file is to be found, all it takes is a few seconds to type the tag from the metadata management list and the file is found in a jiffy.



Flexible Work Culture

The world has changed substantially in the past few decades. New thinking is expanding and redefining the way we see people, the way we learn, the way we live and the way we spent our time. In this new order of doing things, sticking to a monotonous working office is definitely not preferred. The world is in mobile and the world wants its mobile. So the pitch is for a mobile workplace that opens up the individual from the suffocating and narrow work culture.


Cloud-based file management systems can make this happen with certainty. In such a DMS, the whole work is securely placed in the distant remote servers. All you need is a device to access them, besides the credentials. It enables you to revamp your work culture more efficiently so that both the management and the employee has a win-win situation. Both are able to contribute to personal life as well as for the organization without any effect on the work at hand. Work from home, attending meetings from far away destination, collaborating on important documents and meetings without the actual physical presence all of this comes with an online document management system.

All this and many more does a smart document management system has to offer you. Today, many potential platforms are available to creative software developers to shape company structures, streamline workflows, create innovative and intuitive workflows. Microsoft SharePoint, Liferay, and many other softwares help you do it. There are many outsourcing options too if you do not have the right resource pool with you.

However you do it, a DMS is something that will turn the tables for your organization. So start your workplace transformation today.