Magnets have been used for a long time from ac compass to magnetic therapy. The use of magnets has come a long way. Various industries throughout the world use magnets to perform multiple functions simultaneously. More and more uses are being developed for magnets.


What is a Magnet?

Now, before understanding how magnets work, one has to understand what a magnet is. It is an object which carries static magnetic fields around it. Particles which predominantly consist of iron, steel, nickel and cobalt can be attracted by it. It has been observed that early Greeks were the first ones to discover that the iron pieces naturally gravitated towards the lodestone and thus began the research towards understanding the work of magnets. There are three types of magnets:

  • Electromagnets
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Temporary Magnets

Each of these magnets varies in composition and use.


Sizes and Shapes

There are various sizes and shapes of magnets which can be found throughout the world and these are used for multiple purposes. Whatever your use might be, there is always a magnet for you.


How do Magnets Work?

Each magnet has a North and South Pole. These are the two ends of the magnet. Poles which are alike would repeal one another, whereas, different poles would attract each other. For example, if one magnet’s North Pole faces another magnet’s North Pole then one would observe that there is resistance between the two magnets when one tries to make the two ends touch each other.

However, on the other hand, if one magnet’s North Pole faces another magnet’s South Pole then one would observe that both magnets would attract each other and there would be no resistance making it easy for the two to touch each other. This is the typical way how magnets work and it is through this magnetic theory that many uses for magnets have been developed. Some of the uses are as follows:

Health and Medicine

Magnetic therapy dates all the way to the 2000 B.C. when magnets had been used for acupunctures by the Ancient Chinese. Some Hindu scriptures even mention that magnets had been previously applied for the treatment of various diseases using the lodestones. The Greeks used the term lapus-vivas to describe them which mean live-stones.

The Egyptians on the other hand used the lodestones for a variety of therapeutic uses. Whereas, the Roman used electric eels and fish to treat health issues such as gout and arthritis, and medieval doctors had used magnets to treat depression. Magnets can also be placed on the insoles of shoes in a way to access the acupressure points and help provide relief to feet.


Magnetic Mattress Pads

Another can use of magnets is for magnetic mattress pads which are believed to help relax your body and help insomniacs get a good night’s sleep as the magnetic beds calm the nervous system. Further, one will also experience physical and even emotional relaxation when they lay on such beds. X-Rays and MRIs use magnets to work effectively. Also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the MRI is something that has revolutionized everything health related. One can easily get a brain or heart scan using these.



Not everyone knows this but televisions have magnets inside them which help them work effectively. The cathode ray tubes which are found inside a television actually have an electron gun in its next which helps shoot a stream of electrons towards the screen. These allow images to appear on the TV screen.


Computer Storage Disks

These are coated with iron material which has small magnetic fields in the patterns, and these are used to store data. Just like televisions, computer screens also use magnets in a similar manner.


Video Tapes

They use similar material as computer storage disks and these allow magnetic fields to help store data on the patterns of the video tape.


Industrial Uses

There are various industrial uses of magnets as they have simplified many jobs for in the industry such as magnetic sweepers which help reduce maintenance costs and sorters that use magnets to sort magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials.

Magnets are also used in the mining industry for separating metals from ore and they are used in the food manufacturing industry to help prevent tiny iron particles from entering the food. Vending machines use magnets to help detect the coins which you enter and provide you with what you need.

Separation of different types can be performed by magnets as observed by plates, magnetic conveyors, grates and pulleys.


Credit Cards

They credit cards and even other cards that one uses have magnetic chips embedded inside them which help provide you with security and ease of use.


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