COVID -19 – the outbreak has taken the world by a storm. Unfortunate but true! Every country across the globe is battling the menacing impacts of the pandemic. The only way to keep the pandemic at bay is to stay put in our homes and kiss goodbye to socializing for now. Lucky are those who are quarantined at home with their beloved family. However, those hanging hats miles apart from their country and family are among the less fortunate. You could either sulk and delve into bereavement or put your happy face on and look for some light at the end of the tunnel. Count your blessings, my friend! There’s food to gorge upon, a home for your shelter and many other perks that’s not accessible to all and sundry. Wondering what? Our best friend in our bustling day-to-day lives – the INTERNET!

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Zoom and what not – we are undoubtedly spoilt for choice. Loneliness can take an ugly toll on your mental health and well-being. You could witness anxiety and depression. However, we are blessed because technology and the internet have rewarded us with a world of benefits. Social distancing does sound awful but catching-up with your near and dear ones is very much possible. You can keep tabs on the who’s who of the society, watch your parents every day on video calls, stay entertained because a zillion people upload content every day and much more. In a nutshell, when you get the jitters and the restlessness kicks in because you are quarantined, pick up your smartphone and do something smart. Thinking what? Well, skype call your parents or indulge in some quality times by video calling your friends. Little did you realize but social media can lift your mood in no time. Instead of feeling blue and down in the dumps, you would feel a lot happier, relaxed and chirpy.


How to use chat apps and social media as a rescue?

Of course, you are well aware of social media and the bunch of perks it comes with. But, are you still contemplating on how to use these perks in your favor and kiss goodbye to loneliness during quarantine? A one-word answer would be ‘Connect.’ If you weren’t really heedful earlier, here’s something you must know. There’s ample of chat apps available. Zoom, WhatsApp, GroupMe, WeChat, Kik Messenger, Tango and many more. Use whatever floats your boat and start connecting with people. If you are done watching your parents online and chatting your hearts out, go ahead and video your old folks, living miles apart in these times of distress.

Aren’t you a big fan of dining alone? No worries! Why eat alone or binge watch series by yourself? Connect with your friends virtually over Skype, FB Messenger, and other platforms and do things together. Remember, your internet is not dying out. So make the most of it!

Do you miss movie nights with family or your lover? That moment when huge tubs of popcorn and pizzas were the order of your weekend and ‘Netflix and Chill’ was really a thing. Got it – some things are at a screeching halt for now but finding joy in what you have is easy. How? Well, create a Netflix party and get started. Regardless of how distant you are from your beloved ones, you could still enjoy movie nights together virtually.

Youtube is stocked up with content. There are thousands of pictures and stories making it on your Facebook feed. Online classes are on an upsurge. There’s a world of things to do, even when you are locked up in your beautiful home. If you love clicking selfies or posting random pics, this is your time to snap for the gram. Create funny videos, be a part of the trends rolling in the world of TikTok. Do you have a knack for DIY stuff? Contents are flooding my friend. Post and showcase your skills to a world full of audience. There are so many activities to keep you busy. Believe it or not but social media ensures that your life is pretty engaging and still a bed of roses. So, bid farewell to negativity and everyday blues. Use your time to socialize virtually!