Do you spend a lot of time retweeting? Do you want to share your Twitter posts automatically, and automate your Twitter marketing? Well, tweeting and retweeting are among the most important actions of Twitter marketing. The best part is that it helps you with growing your Twitter followers and ultimately boosting audience engagement and sales.

Retweeting will also make your Twitter page more visible and popular, perhaps the reason why many social media marketers have embraced using auto retweeting techniques. Once you learn how to automate your tweet and retweet activities, you will retweet more, which makes your page more visible and more users notice it.

That said, auto retweet makes a significant impact in boosting the efficiency of your marketing campaign, finding clients, widening exposure, and increased profits. Twitter tools are the best when it comes to achieving this. Some of the tools that come in handy in this process are mentioned before.

1.    TweetDeck

This application is essential for managing several Twitter accounts. Just like other Twitter tools, it automatically interfaces with Twitter API allowing users to send and receive tweets with ease. Auto retweeting with TweetDeck is easy with no complicated processes. To launch, you should visit TweetDeck’s, click on the tweet you want to be shared and click the retweet button.


Setting up and using requires less knowledge but an awesome tool to grow tour account with retweets. With these tools, you can easily program the activities you want, and they will be accomplished even when not online. This tool helps with likes, retweets, and helps Twitter marketers gain likes and retweets when they post a tweet, bringing forth more engagement.

With the tool, you can post retweets to Twitter accounts you control directly. To set up auto-retweeting, you will need to choose a master account and other accounts to configure new feeds.

3.    GroupTweet

GroupTweet comes in handy in auto retweeting hashtags, keywords, tweets, emojis and phrases. To set up auto-retweets with this tool, you will need to assess two situations. In the first situation, is a specified list of users send tweets containing any of your well-defined hashtags or phrases, it automatically retweets.

In the second situation, if any of your followers sends a tweet with any of your defined hashtag, keywords, emojis, or phrases, it retweets automatically. This is important, especially when you have a significant number of admirable contributors to fit in your list.

4.    RetransTwitter

This is yet another free auto-retweet tool that retweets posts commanded from your Twitter account. To set up this tool, begin by authenticating it with your Twitter profile. You should then configure with your auto-retweet settings.

If you want to retweet everything from a specific Twitter account, all you need to do is enter your Twitter username followed by a colon and a star. For instance, @abcd:* Also, if you want to retweet messages that have specific hashtags only, enter the username, a colon and the hashtag preferred. For instance, @abcd:*#money

You can as well set up challenging rules such as using several user accounts and hashtags with the tool.


This is a website that helps Twitter marketers find relevant tweets to be automatically retweeted to all their followers. The tool automatically retweets tweets based on the used hashtags and mentions. To set up the tool, you should begin by creating a list of the accounts you wish to retweet. Tools such as ManageFilter can help you with this.

6.    Tweroid

Do you want to find out the best time to tweet? Well, try Tweroid. If you are conversant with Twitter marketing strategy, experts advise that you study your follower’s activity before scheduling content on Twitter. This will help you find out the times your audience is active and engaged on the platform to maximize engagement.

Several analytic tools can help Twitter users identify such peal periods. Tweroid is one free tool that shows the intervals at which Twitter followers are online and most active. To integrate this tool, go to Tweroid and log in with your Twitter account. Your time zone will be determined by your Twitter’s profile settings.

Once you have signed in, check the dashboard and click on the “My Analysis” for a free premium analysis. From the results page, you can see the time periods that will give you the most exposure on both weekdays and weekends.

7.    Buffer

Buffer is an important posting scheduling tool. It helps Twitter marketers schedule their posts. Once you have integrated the tool, sign in with your Twitter account, and click on the schedule menu. Remember to ensure that your time zone matches that of your Twitter account.

Based on when your followers are active, you can set up a weekdays and weekend posting schedule. You can decide how often you want your content posted and perhaps try out different posting schedules to determine one that works best for you. Specify the number of times you want the posts uploaded, and the tool will automatically calculate the optimal times to post.

8.    Jarvee

Jarvee is a paid auto retweeting tool that can ease your Twitter marketing strategy. This tool automates a number of actions not only on Twitter but also on other social media platforms. From auto-replying tweets, auto-tweeting to auto retweeting, Jarvee has a lot it can do for you on Twitter.

As mentioned, it is a paid tool. Therefore, all you should do is subscribe to a package of choice, configure to the settings you want, and watch the tool handle the rest. Something outstanding with this tool is how detailed its modules are, especially with auto retweeting your tweets.

The retweet tab features three tabs, the sources, settings, and results icons. The settings tab will allow you to set the number of retweets you want the tool to retweet daily, edit the retweeting times, and randomize hours to do the retweets. You can also pick the specific days you need to do the retweets from your account.

From the retweet sources tab, you can reply to tweets based on the used keywords, retweet people from a list, retweet tweets based on specific tweet URL and retweet using keyword search.



Automating your tweets and retweets on Twitter is of immense importance. Well, with the advent of Twitter tools, this task has never been so easy. All you need to do is integrate your Twitter account with the tool and watch everything fall into place. Try one of the above-mentioned tools to achieve a more effective Twitter marketing strategy.

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