Usually, there are many aspects to consider before getting to music streaming app development. First, the type of application you are going to create. The process and strategy of creating streaming service depends on the type of streaming app. Another critical factor is the set of features of the application, required a feature and additional element. There are few types of streaming music service, they include:

  • Music library-You can create server-based music library that provides your customers access under your conditions such as flat rate and free or partially free access
  • Cloud storage-Users should store their songs and stream them everywhere they want.
  • Theme radio stations-The apps should draw radio stations and arrange them with specific themes.

Features of music streaming app

Whatever the app you want to create on your phone, there are always a set of features it should have. The following are features you’re should have in your application:

Registration and authentication

Registration is not mandatory for streaming app; you can allow anyone to use your service without creating an account. However, if you want to generate some profits from your app, you must think of registration. Registration will provide signing in feature which in return will be a source of Income avenue. Options for social network authentication include Facebook, Twitter, email or phone numbers.

Discovery and search

Users are not only going to use your app to listen to their favorite music but also discover new ones. Allow users to meet like-minded pals in your app to stay longer. Provide search options such as music by artist, recording studio, album, title or genre.

Adding to the libraries and playlist

Giving an opportunity for users to create playlists wouldn’t be a bad idea. It will be even more exciting if you allow your users to store their songs, albums, and playlists in a library.

Social sharing

Which is the best way to make your app popular? Undoubtedly social media, mobile users are intensively involved in social networks. Hence, they would love to share tracks or playlist across all social media networks.

Online and offline access

Don’t make your app online oriented. Create an offline mode feature in which users can store their playlist in their library once they are offline.

Optional features

To make you app competitive, add some features such as a calendar for concert-goers to track events, Personalization for individuals that want to be recognized, music uploading and appealing design to lure users.

What stands behind successful apps?

Succeeding with an app with existence of the likes Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Music becomes difficult. Let’s have a quick glance on what makes them popular and successful.

  • Personalization-These apps predicts what users want at a specific moment. These make them appealing to clients.
  • Brands-The apps have great channels for reaching users’ attention when they are listening to their favourite music.
  • Free app-The apps have limited features that are appealing to users
  • Premium features-For users to enjoy ads-free experience, they must upgrade to premium version. The mentioned apps have got enticing premium features.

Steps of creating music streaming app

After knowing all the content above, all you’re required is steps and you have an app.

  • Sketch your app idea-Sketch your app idea with a pen and paper. The major goal is to make the idea tangible. Define your how your app works and features before you develop it.
  • Do some market research- Market research will enable you to know whether the idea is already in the market. It also helps you to know the mistakes your competitor made and features users are looking for.
  • Create Mockups for your app- Before you build an app make mockups, mockups are rough sketches of your apps’ layout, flow and user interface. Mockups give you a rough picture of the app before building it.
  • Make your app’s graphic design-Now that your idea is taking shape, your app design should have graphic effects, pixel-perfect visual details, image assets animations and motion designs.
  • Build your app landing page- Often marketing is overlooked and underestimated by app developers. They think that great app will sell itself. You need to create a landing page to woo users and also to make it known.

Music streaming services are referred to as a legal environment. Licensing will build trust between your app and users. And also it will saves you from tussles with law enforcing authorities.Licensing

How to monetize your app

Music streaming apps can generate income without any major intervention. There two alternatives when creating a streaming service. They include free access to streaming service as long as users don’t mind listening to adverts and subscription-based monetization model. With these two monetization model, you can find a middle ground that will thrive your app. Ensure the model impacts users retention and loyalty.