Obesity in children is a serious risk that cannot be left untreated. Aside from health risks, obesity has severe emotional repercussions as well. Obese children can suffer from bullying or hurtful remarks that negatively affect their self-esteem. They will also find it hard to excel in studies due to lack of energy or illness. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide them with support to deal with these challenges, and at the same time, help them adopt healthy habits that will help them lose weight.

Be Their Role Model

Ever heard of the old saying … “You reap what you sow”? This is the first and most important step towards dealing with an obese child. Children always need a role model in their life to follow and learn from. They set you as an example and follow whatever you do. By being active & eating a balanced diet you can encourage your child to build good habits.

Cut Down on Junk and Fast Foods

Processed and junk food is high in calories. They contain a lot of unhealthy fats & the least amount of nutrition. Consumption of fast food and sugary drinks is one of the biggest reasons of obesity in developed world. Instead, focus on filling your child’s plate with healthy food like food that is rich in fiber. Dining out is quite common over the weekends but it comes with a lot of health hazards. If you must eat out, choose a restaurant that has a focus on healthy food.

Fizzy drinks have too much sugar which can lead to problems like obesity and diabetes. There are alternatives to these beverages that you can consider like switching sugary beverages with low-fat or skimmed milk. You can also serve homemade fruit juice or smoothies.

Use Smaller Plates

Bigger food portions are not good for your child’s health. You can try using smaller plates or portions, especially for food that is fatty. With smaller plates, your kid will eat less as the food portions will look bigger.

Setting Ground Rules for Entertainment Time

Children spend a lot of time on screens. They aren’t active and sedentary lifestyle is leading to a lot of mental and physical health problems. It’s high time we understand the importance of taking them out and participating in healthy activities like kids races, cycling, or competitive sports. You need to make sure your child is spending minimum time on Smartphones, TV, Computer or video games. Physical activity is extremely important. They need to grow and their body needs a rebalancing of energy and burning down extra fats. Experts claim that kids need 60 minutes of intermediate physical activity every day. If your child is not active, you will have to start encouraging them to get up and get going.

Pile Up Your Kitchen with Nutritious Food

Most kids will keep going to fridge and treating themselves with stuff like drinks, cakes, or ice cream when you have it at home. You can turn their choices towards healthy food by pilling up your kitchen with healthy food. It will take some time and effort. You cannot turn their habits on 180 degrees in days.

Introduce Them to Fasting

Intermittent fasting is getting quite some coverage and it has some benefits for sure. It has shown to help controls sugar level, improving heart health, promoting detoxification, increases growth hormones, and boosting immune system. Consult your child physician or a nutritionist before making them fast though.

Family Outings

Make sure you are not spending your weekend at home lying in the bed and watching TV. A simple trip to a nearby park can be so good for your kid’s health. You can also start activities like cycling and hiking to spend some quality time with your kids that they will remember for a long time.

Don’t give up if your kid isn’t a fan of these changes. Start setting an example. Do the research and keep encouraging your kid towards a healthier lifestyle.