Domain Authority is one of the most important tools used in search engine ranking of websites. It is an indicator of the overall performance of your website; the higher your domain authority is, the better chances you have of having a high search engine ranking, and thus of having frequent and better web traffic. Needless to say, if you want your website to do well, you must make sure you have high domain authority.

Domain authority is primarily a measure of the quantity and quality of backward links pointing to your website. There are complicated algorithms involved in the calculation of domain authority, but it is not necessary to understand them as long as you know the basic idea of what determines your domain authority, and what you can do to improve it.

According to an SEO link building agency called Healthy Links, here are a few essential tips for improving your website’s domain authority:

Domain Name

Start with choosing the right domain name. It should be relevant to what your website offers and should be creative enough to be catchy.

High-Quality Backlinks

This is your most important job; make sure the sites that link back to you are high quality, trustable sites. When it comes to backlinks, quality matters more than quantity. If you have many weak backlinks, you are likely to have low domain authority. If you have a few but strong backlinks, your website is bound to do much better. Therefore, building relationships with sites that are experts or authorities in your niche is essential.

Internal Links

Internal links not only make it easier for users to navigate through your site more easily – thereby improving user experience and thus, your website’s visiting rate – but also help search engines to index your site. It is therefore essential to create strong internal links within your website.


You can go about creating excellent links, but it will be useless if your content is not up to the mark. Make sure your content is of high quality, has value, and expresses authority. It should be good enough to ensure that other sites can link back to it. Your grammar and spellings should also be on point.

Mobile Friendly

Most internet users today use their phones to navigate the web. If your site is not mobile phone friendly, your bounce rate will increase. Tablets are also a common medium of surfing online. Make sure you cater separately to all the different mediums that people might use to reach to your content.


There is no exact method to improve your domain authority, and sometimes it takes longer to climb the ranks. It is suggested that to improve your domain authority, you should also focus on your overall SEO strategy, and make that better. Pay attention to factors like your site structure, ease of use, title and meta tags, site speed, keyword placement and density, etc.

Bad Backlinks

Some backlinks do your website more harm than good. You should check for such toxic backlinks regularly, and remove or disavow any bad link that you come across. Moreover, do not include any links on your website that might be bad or faulty.

Social Signals

Social signals are a significant factor that affects your website’s ranking. Be sure to keep an active social media presence by posting links to your various contents, and by engaging in meaningful conversations with your followers and potential customers. Encourage people to like, comment on, and share your posts. You can also add share buttons of different social media platforms at the end of specific contents on your webpage to make it easier for people to share them.

Posting Frequency

You should publish content on your website regularly; otherwise, your content has a chance of slipping down the SERPs. Publishing frequently also improves your chances of obtaining quality backlinks.

Hire a Professional

All this information about backlinks and SEO can seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are agencies available online that help you not only figure out where you may be lacking but also help you improve your ranking. Hiring professionals can help you improve in many areas such as your digital strategy and consequently works towards raising your revenues. Such professionals work by suggesting possible changes you need to make – whether in your website or in the way you are running your website – and also use their already established relationships with trustable websites and writers to secure authentic and high-quality backlinks for your site.