When the sheer magnitude full of challenges are ahead, there is always a queasy feeling in your stomach. You might feel like techno-fear in the project management are daunting. For some people, it is the fear, and for some, it is fascinating and pumped up feeling.

The fear of technology is known as Technophobia. Do you want to overcome this type of fear? If yes, then read this article and grab all the points that would help you to overcome it without any remedies or worry. Also grab attention on technological trends in project management and some special tips to overcome this

Another way to look for the project management training classes where you can train and learn new things if you have a fear of getting pushed back because of lacking knowledge. You must excel in that and go like a pro with much confidence level.

Some of the worries that cause fear are:

  1. Fear of getting yourself behind when you are not able to understand anything.
  2. Fear of understanding everything and having the mentality that only you can train

your replacement.

  1. Fear of the computer that will overtake everything.

Firstly, recognize that these fears are based upon some of the facts. The first point says, most of the people are lost to automation because of letting the fear overcome your thoughts and imaginations.

The second point over here refers to the fear of training your replacements. It is precise and opposite to what would happen. And the third is about you have the fear that computer should also not overcome your ability to do the work or projects.

Try to understand the technology better. Once you know the technology better, the less scary it will look. Having more knowledge will likely make you gain more profit from the unstoppable advancement of technology.

Techno-fear in Project Managers:

Likely, technology has so many things that cannot be done by technology. Likewise, you cannot remove your tech fear with the help of technology itself. Even if you are concerned with your project, technology can only help to figure out your idea.

Tech cannot imagine the needs of your project, and it cannot also manage people. Handling one fly decision is difficult, so project management certification like PMP or Prince 2 will help assigning work to whom and replacing people is not done by technology. These things are human issues and need to be error-free by humans only.

In the same way, overcoming your fear cannot be fulfilled by technology. You need to take help of specific techniques or people to surpass and overcome it. We have already discussed the types of fear now let’s see its different ways.


Different ways to overcome Techno-fear:

The people having this type of fear have hampered the growth of their company as well as society in general. Now, let’s discuss some of the essential points that would help to overcome Techno-fear. Of course, this would not happen all of a sudden, but putting efforts can lead to overcoming it.

  1. Self Help:

Usually, there is always self-help that should get the credit of helping yourself to overcome every fear. Read some of the books like The Secret, which contains lots and lots of self-help techniques that would work for you.

Apart from this, try to find out best in you and focus on it. If you feel the technology as aversion, then pay more attention to it as you have reached a certain level of insights. Convert these insights into the positive can change your life that would introduce new technology without fear.

  1. Counselling:

Next step towards overcoming the techno-fear is counselling. Generally, the main work of the counsellors is to track you in the right way. They are not the one who deals with your mental health problems.

Counsellors advise you and help you to gain clarity about the technology and situations around you. They try to assess your situation and detects the reasons about why you are avoiding the technology that is not even harming you.

Discuss your fears with them as they are good listeners and learn specific techniques to overcome your fear. They are the persons that would start making positive changes in your life by validating your fears and emotions.

  1. Support Groups and Teams of Project Management:

The third step is supporting the group. Take this step when you are not able to deal with your fears even after counselling. These would allow you to share your stories with others and get a way out of it. Follow the sentence that says sharing lightens the pain and share your fears with the groups.

Along with you, they can also learn about their fears and would know how they are dealing with a particular issue. Support groups help to realize you that you are not alone in this fear. They would imbibe the techniques and would teach you to face the issue without turning your back.

  1. Start from where you are:

If you have a computer in front of you, what are you going to do with that if you don’t know how to operate? Firstly, you need to start with the necessary learning of computer that would make your work more valuable and would help to work around different corners.

If you are new, try to contact the manager of the company and take the training for the particular software to learn new things. You might also learn new programming languages that would enlighten you to make progress and, in this way, you can overcome it.

  1. Make technology as your asset.

One of the easiest ways to overcome your techno-fear is to surround yourself more with tech. Try to follow the proverb “Iron shall deal with Iron”. If you are having a feat of technology, then spend more time being with it and learn new things.

The project manager needs to follow all the technology required in the project and should work accordingly to have a better outcome.

Apart from this, there are specific therapies that need to be done if now treated commonly. Some of the therapies that are most common and is used for the treatment is Cognitive behaviour therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, and much more.

Thus, this was the article that would allow you to overcome your techno-fear as a project manager. Be limitless and make yourself free from the boundaries of fear to explore new thing and to make your project successful.