Picking a domain name is only but a small step in building your new business which is extremely exciting, after finding the ideal name go ahead and buy a domain name for your website. Don’t forget that there are many more stairs to climb before you have a running domain and these steps need to be balanced because not all companies who sell domain registrars are the same.

Sometimes these companies use less than reputable marketing strategies such as hiding some of their fees.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll know exactly what to look out for before buying a domain and why it is important to find the right domain name.


Buy with care

Any buying decision requires a lot of research on the market regarding price levels and this is basically the biggest factor because it is incredibly easy to be lured into a trap, respectively to choose a domain at a very low price but with bad consequences in the long run.

Some domain providers offer robust services at an extremely low cost, but the fine print hides lots and lots of extra fees, block you if you don’t continue paying or the worse of the worse charge incredibly high renewal fees.

It is best to be aware at all times that the registrars offering insanely cheap prices may hide several less desirable ways to grab money from you.


Always protect your privacy stats

This is yet another important rule because almost all domain details are open for the public to enjoy and this can be found in the WHOIS directory if you wish to have a successful business don’t forget to keep your personal information private. Spammers, miners, and scammers always attack unprotected data so look out for domain providers who offer the WHOIS privacy free of charge. Some less than reputable mining strategies also involve presenting you a “unique” package of “special privacy services” which, secretly gives them full ownership of the domain.


Keep your data well protected

The protection of your personal data from the public records is yet another rule to follow by heart there are some companies that have a habit of selling your personal data to third parties such as marketing organizations. Domain providers can even mine the WHOIS database and send out completely false renewal invoices, therefore misleading their customers into transferring their domains. The key here is to find an honest provider that vows to never sell or misuse your personal for marketing related purposes.


Liquid transparency

Always search for a trustworthy provider who offers crystal clear transparency in their pricing rates and price management. For instance, seeing your renewal rates along with transfers is a definite must. Scammers usually offer dirt cheap registration fees for your initial acquisition, but afterwards charge you ten times the initial fee in order to renew your domain. They also may make it incredibly difficult to cancel your order which is a very bad practice. Be sure to find a domain provider who offers clear pricing information as well as transparent terms of service.


Final Verdict

Follow these simple yet golden rules and be sure that your domain will be clear of any kind of marketing parasites this way your business will be free to grow according to your personal desire. Have fun choosing that domain name!