There are many reasons to love travelling in your RV. Your RV is comfortable and spacious compared to a car, and with ample living space included, you will never have to worry about renting a hotel room for the night. There is more freedom and luxury with your RV lifestyle. However, when you are not on the road, what do you do with your RV? The obvious answer is to put it in storage for the offseason, but this can get pretty pricey. Here are a few tips to save money on RV storage.


Think About Storage At Home

Before you decide to invest in monthly rental fees at a local storage facility, you should see if you have room on your property. Most RVs do not fit in a standard garage, but you may have machine sheds on the property that are sufficient. Some people also use additional driveway space on the side of their home to park their RV in the offseason.

If you do not have the right structures in place, you can consider building them. Even a slab of concrete and an awning can provide a lot of protection. This sort of thing is a one-time investment that can quickly pay for itself. Just check the rules where you live to make sure there are no restrictions about RV storage in your area. In some areas, you are not allowed to park RVs outside and exposed to the property. Always comply with relevant laws.


Opt For Storage Away From The City Center

Storage at home may be the cheapest option, but it is not always practical. It is also not always the safest. If you really want to keep your RV safe while saving money, consider RV storage in Calgary that is not centrally located. Storage facilities that are located in the city center are going to be much more expensive. This is because they are easier to access on a regular basis, and people are willing to pay more for the added convenience.

However, when storing your RV, convenience is not necessarily an essential factor. RV storage tends to extend for months at a time. You do not need to get it and drop it off every other weekend. Therefore, you may want to prioritize cheaper RV storage.

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Start Saving Money Today

Your RV is an excellent option for travelling in comfort and style. However, you need a secure, convenient and affordable way to store your RV in the offseason. These tips can help save money on storing your RV.