Steaming your face has become trendy these days. While spa and salons are expensive, you can steam your face at home and still be effective.

Many women use steaming for removing makeup traces and dirt deeply away from your skin. It is affordable and the results are amazing, although maybe not as great as those of a regular charcoal face wash! You can steam your face using a towel or a facial steamer. We will tell you how to do it at home. but first, we will discuss why you should consider the steaming method.


Why You Should Steam Your Face Regularly?

There are many benefits to applying steam. Here are some of them:

It improves blood circulation – the steam reaches deeply under the upper layer of the skin. it nourishes the skin layers and opens up the pores.

  • Steaming has a soothing effect – which gives you warmth. You will feel more relaxed after the steaming session.
  • It makes your skin healthier – as it removes makeup traces, it can help treat blackheads and whiteheads.
  • It is affordable – doing it at home using a warm bowel will cost you nothing!

How to steam your face at home?

  1. Get a towel and put it in hot water. Wait until the towel is soaked enough in the water.
  2. You can add essential oils for better results.
  3. Hold your hair using pins. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position as the session will be at least 10 minutes. Put the towel in front of you and hold its corner.
  4. Adjust the towel and make sure that it is covering your face. If you feel tired during the treatment, you can take some rest.

The benefits of the steaming face for acne are endless. It doesn’t contain chemical agents and doesn’t cause skin irritation. Make sure you are doing it regularly to get the desired results.