There are ten to fifteen million kratom users in the United States. Usually, kratom is used as a recreational drug. The drug is either chewed or drank as tea and helps elevate mood, acting as euphoriant, and enhancing physical endurance.

Furthermore, kratom is also used as medicine and helps in treating various health conditions. It is due to this that the pharmaceutical companies are being threatened by kratom. Visit to better understand it, we shall be answering the question; is kratom a threat for pharmaceutical companies?


Why is Kratom a Threat to Pharmaceutical Companies?

Kratom is used in several countries in making money as well as used for wellness. Kratom is full of alkaloids, and it is said to be very useful for consumers. Kratom is an aid to be a threat to pharmaceutical companies since it is used to treat and manage several health conditions. Furthermore, it is highly affordable compared to drugs sold by pharmaceutical companies.


Kratom is More Effective and Affordable than Opioids

Kratom is used as a stimulant that helps in boosting your body’s energy allowing you to work for an extended period tirelessly. With a dose of kratom, you will be able to feel rejuvenated. In addition to that, kratom also acts as an analgesic. This is because it is rich in alkaloids, which helps to be a potent painkiller.

The product nullifies pain by acting on opiate receptors of your central nervous system, making it a highly effective painkiller. Kratom is also used in the treatment of anxiety; kratom enthusiasts tend to feel anxiolytic effects which help in decreasing anxiety significantly.

There is no doubt that anti-inflammatory drugs are relatively expensive; fortunately, you can treat inflammation with the use of kratom powder. Kratom features thirty different alkaloids in which two have notable anti-inflammatory properties known as epicachetin and rhynchophylline. As an individual having inflammation from diseases such as Crohn’s disease or arthritis, you will find kratom helpful in neutralizing the inflammation.

The most beneficial part of using kratom products is that they help in boosting your immunity, allowing you to fight some common diseases such as cough, cold and other conditions with the utmost ease. Since everyone needs a strong immunity, using kratom is one of the most effective ways of achieving it.

Since kratom features several essential benefits when it comes to improving our general health-wellness, the pharmaceutical companies feel threatened. It is due to these reasons that FDA, along with pharmaceutical companies, is fighting against the use of kratom in the United States.


Why FDA is Fighting against the Use of Kratom in the United States

First and foremost, there is no FDA-approved use of kratom, and it has been receiving concerning reports on the safe use of kratom. According to the FDA, kratom affects the opioid receptors in the brain, just like morphine and other opioid drugs, and it is said to bring risks of addiction, dependence, and abuse.

In addition to that, the FDA claims to have found a high level of dangerous heavy metals in several kratom products. A CDC analysis found out that kratom is responsible for causing the death of 91 in more than 27,000 overdose deaths within 27 different states from July of 2016 to December of 2017.

While there are thousands of deaths reported by the use of opioids. Actually kratom is affecting the pharmaceutical’s million dollars industry. Due to this reason, pharmaceutical companies are fighting against the use of kratom within the United States. Also they are continuously trying to ban kratom in the USA.


Final Verdict

When you compare the benefits of kratom to its danger, the benefits tend to outdo the dangers. This means that kratom is a safe product; however, the pharmaceutical companies are fighting against it since they feel threatened. As we conclude, we hope that you find this article beneficial.