Fantasy cricket  is an online-based game where one has to create a team virtually. The team thus formed consists of actual players playing in actual, real time matches. Fantasy cricket depends upon the performances of the players in real matches. You earn points based on their achievement. There are various apps available on Playstore where it allows gamers to select their players and create a virtual team and earn points or cash prizes. Here is the list of some of the top apps that organize Fantasy Cricket .

There are numerous apps and websites which let you enjoy the great fervour of cricket online. Such fantasy apps or websites provide you the ease of playing within the comfortable settings of your own house and even lets you invest your cash for a humongous win. There is nothing to worry as these websites and apps are totally secure and safe but you should always make sure and do proper research before involving your money with sites – I mean it’s better to be safe than be sorry right ?


Some of the tips for playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Whenever you are playing a fantasy game with two teams playing on that day, just be sure that the players you pick make the team. If you doubt that this player won’t be in the top 11, do not pick him. The player must play to give you fantasy points. 
  • Do not depend on reputations. Pick on form, not on reputation. The player’s reputation changes in a day, so just study the player’s form and rely on that.
  • Check the pitches. One needs to study the pitches. A pitch is an unpredictable variable that needs to be considered. You need to be informed about what pitches the team is going to play because that is going to make a difference.
  • Top-order batsman: When you are looking for a batsman, look for the top 4. The odds for getting those batsmen will provide more runs and more points. 
  • The weather conditions: Knowing about the weather conditions would make your game ahead of others. By analyzing the weather reports, you can predict the result and win the prizes.
  • Maintaining the balance: While forming the team, consider the balance of the players. By selecting the best players won’t provide apt balance. Make a team of a balance of bowlers and batsmen.
  • Toss: There is a famous saying that in fantasy sports  When the toss is lost, the match is lost. So toss is considered the important factor. It lets you know the other team’s batting sequence and plan the strategy accordingly. 
  • You are choosing your captain: Choosing a captain who is all-rounder and bats in top order is recommended.



This concept of Fantasy sports is developed for high user engagement in the game. As for India, Cricket is a religion where all the batsmen are being idolized. Cricket defines the zeal people have for this game; therefore, fantasy cricket has mass traffic and is highly played all over the country. Being able to create your team makes you more close to this game and high on energies. This way, many gamers have applied different strategies and tricks to play and win high points. Gamers have an opportunity to enter tournaments and win cash prizes. Many people involved in fantasy cricket experience massive recognition and gain rank in the virtual market. Make your cricket experience delightful with playing and winning at the same time.