“A picture paints a thousand words.”

Imagine investing your money, time, blood, sweat and tears into creating a product or service that nobody ends up acknowledging just because it was not properly marketed. Now we all know that online shopping has its perks such as buyers not having to leave their houses to buy, but it also has its disadvantages. Since we’re not physically there to see and test the actual product before buying it, there are times we may get scammed or the product just doesn’t turn out to be what we wanted or expected it to be. It is here that we come to realize the importance of product photography, also known as E-Commerce photography.

What is Product Photography?

E-commerce photography, or Product photography as we commonly know it today, is the digital marketing tool that enables us to sell our products in a more efficient manner than usual. We use it to accurately but attractively represent our services.

Where is it used?

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography and it is mainly applied in

  • product brochures
  • catalogues
  • magazines
  • banners
  • ads, etc.

Product photography generally has the end purpose of selling some product or service, and is most commonly commissioned by a digital marketing agency. Therefore, for someone that wants to successfully promote their product, they need to make use of photography of the product and advertise it everywhere.

Product Photography Equipment:

Like any other type of photography, the equipment of product photography is extremely important as it can have a great impact on the result and quality of the product. In simpler terms, it can make or break your sales.

For most products, the most common setup is a light tent large enough to cover the range, a tripod, some studio lights, a micro-lens, a cove and photofloods. A white backdrop is mostly used, so as to bring out the object.

Most photographers make use of a wide aperture and then use software and applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Afterlight and Shutter Stream Product Photography to edit and enhance their photographs.

Importance of Product Photography in Today’s Market:

Product photography has made a massive change in advertising and online retailing. Seeing the product in pictures before buying gives the customer a sense of what to expect and therefore, it prevents problems from arising in the future.

It creates a feeling of trust between the seller and the buyer as it keeps the customer from getting scammed most of the time because even though they have not seen the product in person, they’ve still seen its online presence.

Product photography can be used to assemble major changes in websites and blogs. Customers need to see sharper, better images so they can be convinced to buy.

Since the customers are only being provided with photographs to show what the product actually is, the pictures need to be good enough to communicate all that they can, as they are the actual product. When online shopping, the customer completely relies on what he sees; hence the photographs should be strong and sharp enough to fully convince him to invest.