Hey Friends! You want to take a tour of California. Here is a quick solution for it.

We provide State ID and Driver’s License of California. Time limit for these will be 5 years for original and renewals licenses. Remember carefully its expiry will be on your birthday. Template will be matching to the current California Licenses issued by DMV. Hence, the fake drivers license,  can reach the pinnacles of imaginative work soon.


Front side of Card:

The front side of the card contains a ghost image and with glittering state map, it has a bear which is yellow in colour with star shaped space left blanked inside the bear. Tell me what its background looks like. It has the impression of a gold prospector. Furthermore, it contains illustrations of mountains, orchards, sailboats and California Poppies. Importantly, it has raised Date-of-Birth which overlaps the Photo. Lastly, the front side contains a palpable signature underneath the photo and Date-of-birth on the right side.

Backside of Card:

The California State ID backside contains a Laser-perforated bear which can be seen if you slightly tilt the card and State map on the Poly-carbonated Card. Ultra Violet engraving include DOB, Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, sailboats and Small Full-colour ghost photo. Lastly, back design also have pier and wavy lines.


 Traceable areas on card:

 This card has a laminated magnetic stripe. Cards also contain barcode and QR code behind. Importantly, this license may display out of the State Address. Card is marked as FEDERAL LIMIT APPLY which does not allow working permission, voting right or public benefits eligibility. Same goes for COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE on driving license card




Who does not want to visit California once in its life? California has two different sides of life in Day time and in Evening till night. The sparkling lighting and Glamorous Fashion of California is not a small adventure. It’s a big Achievement. Our Fake ID will take care of your memorable journey and your moments at Golden Gate Bridge. On a sunny day visit beaches, enjoy cocktails and learn all about technology in California. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley all that California offers is just one button away from you. No one can resist the music, dance and glittering luminous at night in California. It is all easy now with We as your partners. Our Premium Fakes will ensure you enjoy the most in California. Spend all your money drinking, dancing and partying. 


We care:  Do not be scared about drinking. California may have waggish drinkers but not immoderate ones. Facts speak clear that California matches average national adult drinkers at 18%. This is a mixture of sumptuous lifestyle and accessible income. 

California Drinking Culture:

California has turned into a Drinking hub from a glamorous spot as it was once recognized. The high rich culture and Hollywood drinking culture has changed California completely.


 Steven Tyler says “fake it till you make it”. Surely, if your age is less than the minimum age required to be eligible for drinking you must fake it. Hey! You little more than minimum age buddy, you need to know where to pretend you are older.

  1. Beer Revolution in the Bay Area: The famous and crowded spot with an amicable environment. You can take as many shots as you can. Crowded places have less screening of Counterfeit ID
  2. Warehouse Café in Port Costa: This place is opposite of the above mentioned place. It has less people and a relaxed atmosphere. Your Fakes will go unnoticed.


Indeed, there are some classy and elegant joints which are kings of all.it is very difficult to enter them because they check thoroughly about your age and it is hard to get in there.

  1. Aero Club in San Diego: This was founded by a pilot in the 70s. Its rules are strict like pilots. Though here you can afford the drinks but showing your ID is like showing your Pilot license to fly a plane.
  2. Alpine Inn in Portola Valley: If you like vintage then mark this place on your priority. You can enjoy a beer with your amigos as long as you are all carrying IDs.


Drinking laws in California:

To begin with, for such a bizarre arena, California’s drinking laws are customary. You probably perceive the drill – can’t drink under 21 unless in the company of an adult, can’t use an illegal ID, the works.

However, one thing that’s different here is that you can be charged two different ways for fake ID possession: misdemeanour and felony. Each one has different criteria with different sentences depending on the charge. 



To conclude, California ID is a pragmatic example of modernized work in this country.