Thinking about buying a Purple or Nectar mattress but you are not sure which of them is the right fit? Want to know what is a euro top mattress ? Well, perhaps a comparison with one of the best in the industry will set your mind at peace.

So without further or do let’s look into what makes the purple or Nectar mattress worthy of your money.



Both mattresses are foam though Purple offers the bounce of latex

One of the things that set Purple mattress apart from the rest is the top layer of the mattress built with a mixture of Lycra, viscose, and polyester. Constructed in a columned grid, this layer is made of two inches of hyper-elastic polymer three and a half inches of poly foam makes up the second layer. The final four inches of poly foam is the supportive base that keeps your mattress strong. The combined layer makes it a responsive mattress that distributes your weight proportionately and gives a supple feeling. It also keeps your mattress cool. The transition layer is there to add support. On the other hand,

Nectar mattress is made of three different foam layers. The top layer consists of one-inch gel-infused foam to remove heat and give a cooling effect. The second layer is made up of three inches of memory foam. The last layer is thinly made of high-density polyfoam that works as the mattress foundation. These medium-firm mattresses are made to suit most major sleep positions. While firmer mattresses aren’t recommended for side sleepers, they work wonders for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and those who sleep in both positions.



The goal of any mattress brand is to make a mattress that most sleepers would feel comfortable sleeping on. Nectar is no different. They offer one mattress and it’s considered medium firm.

Purple mattresses are also considered to be medium-firm which is rated 6 out of 10. So even though it’s on the firm side it’s still softer than Nectar. This makes it better for side sleepers.  So of the two options, Nectar is the firmer choice

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While many mattresses in the luxury range will cost you thousands, Purple is quite affordable. You have the option of one payment or you can get financing if you need it. There is a bit of a snag though, Purple mattress sizes start from Twin XL. Mattresses cost from $699 and $1,299 depending on the size. Coupon codes and frequent discounts can help to bring this cost down.

In terms of price, Nectar is the clear winner. All mattress sizes are available, and it is difficult to find any other brand that offers top quality at the price range offered by. The prices that are listed in the table below are sale prices.


Sizes Purple Mattress Prices in $ Nectar Mattress Prices in $
Twin N/A 425
Twin XL 699 475
Full 899 595
Queen 999 725
King 1,299 825
California King 1,299 825



Purple’ mattresses come with a free trial and a 10-year warranty. Their warranty is filled with exceptions, so make sure you read the information provided before moving forward with a purchase.

Their warranty applies to material cracks or splits that happen during normal handling.

As per the warranty, the mattress is valid so long as the mattress is used on a flat, solid-surface, or a non-spring foundation solid enough to remain flat and firm under the weight of the mattress and its users. On the other hand,

Similar to the deal you get on the price, Nectar offers an even better deal when it comes to trials and warranty. The Nectar offers a 365 days trial period. That’s a full year people. You’ve got a long time to determine whether or not Nectar is the best mattress for you. If you’re unhappy you’ll be able to return it without a hassle. Nectar handles the return of your mattress and you’ll get something better suited to you. They also offer a life time warranty to protect against manufacturer defects on the mattress. Not many companies in the mattress business offer such deals, trials and warranty. So Nectar is the clear winner here.

That said both mattresses have their advantages and few disadvantages but the Nectar certainly gives you more for the money you pay.