Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, is an automated intelligence system powered by intellectual cognitive functions like that of a human. Artificial Intelligence is a replica of the human brain, and how it works, that enables a machine to mimic the way humans observe their environment, reason and draw conclusions according to the surroundings and situation.

A machine driven with artificial intelligence can do everything that a human can; it can solve everyday problems and it can be increasingly helpful in the academic field. From classroom teaching to writing essays related to different subjects and fields, a machine can do it all.

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a global trend in the present education sector and many schools and educational institutes are using it. However, there is a big question mark regarding its scope and future implications.

Still, it is impacting every aspect of our lives and executing unique functions like recognizing, understanding and mimicking language, competing against humans in intellectual games like chess, automating the automobiles and aircrafts and, of course, impacting the education sector in many ways.


Artificial Intelligence Then and Now

Artificial intelligence appeared in 1956 when Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Arthur Samuel and their students developed and presented computer programs that can learn like a human. The future of artificial intelligence was promising as it was anticipated that in a few decades, machine will not only be able to do everything that a human can but it will do it in a better way. However, with time, zing went off and AI entered its ‘AI winter’ period.

The trend of AI is impacting the academic writing sector also. It has come a long way, improving, learning and getting better all the time. It uses the fields of linguistics and language development, mathematics, philosophy and computer science to add to its cognitive abilities and database. It is learning constantly and is a revolutionary step towards writing essays and other academic assignments. Writing needs ample time and research and with an artificial intelligence bot, students can work smart and find professional writing help.

An AI powered bot can help students have better solutions for their writing needs and do their work in less time and with less efforts. Where they have to spend hours in researching and preparing their essays and papers, with an AI bot, they just have to type in their essay topic and choose from the given content suggestions. Students can learn better and utilize their time in learning new and helpful skills.

Stepping into the professional life, people need lots of additional skills to succeed. Only education is not enough and the AI bots are helping them learn those skills by taking on their writing responsibilities. It helps finding an expert writer that could help them with their essays and allows them to have more time for themselves.

AI largely optimizes the research and writing process. Researching relevant data through multiple databases and finding an expert is just a matter of a few clicks. To see how an artificial intelligence powered bot effectively enhances your writing experience and finds an expert essay writer, test the essay typer.