There comes a time in life when asking your older siblings for their id to get some wine or beer becomes too much of a hassle or they suddenly realize that it’s wrong.

Now in case you still want access to alcohol and the few bars around your area you have three options

  1. You can wait until your 21st birthday which maybe a few months or years.
  2. You can move to London where the legal age of drinking and going to bars is 18
  3. You can get a fake id made from websites like and avail the benefits of having a legal id.

However, you have to be careful when using your fake id or you can be caught and would have to deal with some serious law consequences.


Here are a few tips of using your fake id

– Looks Matter

If you are pretending to be older then you also have to look that part. Remember the twenty-one-year-olds don’t dress like millennials and their clothes certainly don’t have any razor tear clothes. Some things you can do to look the part is growing a bit of stubble and wear a few formal clothes. For instance, a person in tracks and a t-shirt will look much younger than a person wearing a casual shirt and a jacket.


–  It’s all acting the part

Once you have decided to be certain ages then observe how people in that age act and follow.

Most teenagers make simple mistakes which they think would save them but ultimately causes them to get caught. For instance hiding between the crowd or in between friend, discussing the game plan in front of your friends (do it before you land at the place) and lastly avoiding any eye contact with the bouncer. Doing all these things will not save you from the doubt rather it will put you in more suspicion. Try to be as normal as you can with your acting. For instance, acting too overconfident and whipping your fake id around can put you up for suspicion. One instance of being normal is handing out your id as if you are paying your money to the cash counter when you buy something.


–  Confidence is the key

Try to be as calm as you can be lying is not certain you do every day but when you are doing this try to be confident or don’t do it. Sweating, shaking profusely or constantly being on your guard puts you up for suspicion and the bouncers are taught to catch off that vibe easily. So if you get nervous at the gate then go around the corner smoke a bit or take a few deep breaths and when you are ready then go in.

–  Avoid places where there are chances of police

If you have heard that in a bar there are frequent instances where the police are easily called then try avoiding those places. Getting caught by the police with a fake id and being underage can lead to a long punishment.

In a situation, you get caught throw away the card and show your original identity card to the police. They would know that you are lying but with no proof of a fake id they wouldn’t be able to prove your crime, hence no punishment.


Using fake id for fun is okay but be sure to not do something too illegal because of fake ids no matter how good can get caught and more serious the crime the more severe the punishment.

So what are you waiting for go and the perfect believable id on