When you visit your doctor and get an endorsement for an imaging exam, you will receive an appointment order known as a script. Commonly, a doctor refers to where you should probably go for a scan. Though it’s not compulsory to visit a specific imaging center as recommended by the doctor. There are many other options you can consider. With several imaging centers available, it can be challenging to know if you are making a smart choice. Here we have listed some prominent reasons and considerations why you should prefer going to an outpatient imaging center.

1 MRI Scans at Outpatient Hubs Take About 1 Hour

The benefit of MRI at a reputed imaging center is that there is no surrounding tube and therefore the experience is going to be very comfortable. You can even watch your favorite show while being scanned. If you are having an imaging scan at a local hospital, it can be somewhat inconvenient. It will be hard to find parking in a busy hospital parking facility which may also involve a fee. It can be challenging to navigate the network of hospital corridors to get to the building where the imaging test will be performed. Even a short test can take up to several hours. Non-hospital MRI centers are commonly stand-alone buildings with proper parking lots so the whole process from getting in to out can be simpler than hospital imaging center.

2 Affordable than Hospitals

MRI at a hospital is approximately two to three times more expensive in comparison to an outpatient radiology center. Cost is certainly an important factor especially when you are tight on budget. If you are lucky enough to have an insurance plan with you covering most of your health care needs, the cost does matter. Selecting a non-hospital imaging center is an excellent way to cut down the overall cost. You can always check the imaging center regarding acquiring any cost information, the bill for the scan, etc. Outpatient imaging centers completely approve health insurance. It would be great if your insurance is accepted when having an MRI at a non-hospital facility.

3 Schedule Options for Appointments

Hospital is typically not open to an appointment for several days or even weeks primarily depending on the demand. When you are about to do an imaging scan, you must not jump through hoops to get on the center schedule and wait for several days to get an appointment. Outpatient imaging centers will commonly have same-day or very next day appointments. The experience is fast and comfortable with the minimal waiting time. The convenient appointment times will help you schedule your appointment even today! Look for a non-hospital MRI center that provides you with easy and comfortable scheduling options.

4 Send Results Within 24 Hours

The MRI images are commonly available within 60 minutes of the scan. These images are read and evaluated by a proficient radiologist. Imaging centers provide results of the scan within a day. We understand your concern that waiting for the results of your scan can make your annoyed and tensed and therefore these imaging centers can provide you accurate results as soon as possible. However, remember the high-quality equipment at an imaging center will be of no use if the staff is unable to handle it correctly. You should perhaps consider an imaging center with proficient and experienced personnel to effectively manage all your imaging needs with care.

5 Stepping into a Hospital Can Cause Anxiety

The anxiety of the hospital is a rather common phobia. Stand-alone Atlanta imaging center is relatively more comfortable and inviting than the usual hospital environment.

6 High-Quality MRI Machines

These centers offer high-quality imaging and allow you to get in a certain position and see your injury more clearly. The certified radiologists, advanced technology and technologists mean you will receive the best in medical imaging. As soon as a doctor orders an imaging diagnostic test, they are required to look through high-quality images to help with diagnosis and treatment. For high-quality images, the quality of equipment should be up to the mark. Remember the imaging center you are currently considering is equipped with advanced technology and equipment.



Are you familiar with the difference between hospital and outpatient imaging centers when it comes to imaging examination? Many people don’t realize that they have a choice to get their imaging exam at an outpatient center rather than a hospital. Not only the outpatient center can save you precious time and money but also provide you with high-quality imaging and precise results.