With personalised t shirt printing being so popular in recent years, and only forecast to grow more, it comes as no surprise that there is no shortage of quality garment printing companies across the U.K, whether or not they use machine embroidery designs online. Despite being a well-established market with many high-profile players but not all printing companies are created equally, this means the garments on offer as well as the printing options that are available can vary from company to company, so like any sound business decision, this one should be backed up by research.

We have reviewed a handful of the companies currently operating in the clothing printing industry to bring you a rundown of the top 5 to start your research.



Since launching in 2006, Monsterpress have worked continuously to improve the quality of the products they manufacture, and the efficiency of their operation which helps ensure absolute consistency across all garments which means the customer will receive a high-quality product, every time.



This company strive to deliver the smoothest experience possible. Every customer is assigned a designated account manager who will create a bespoke plan around your schedule. Printsome are known for their bulk and on demand printing meaning it’s a perfect choice for and drop shipping needs.


Banana Moon

These guys have been personalising clothing for over 25 years. Since the company launched in 1993, Banana Moon have been screen printing and embroidery specialists. In the years past the team have worked incredibly hard to offer you the best products from the leading brands, all personalised with high quality tried and tested methods.


Custom Planet

Founded in 2008, these guys specialise in custom clothing and promotional products for both individuals and organisations meaning no matter who you or buying for, or the garments you are buying Custom Planet is a great option.



Spreadshirt approach personalised clothing like a community, everyone is treated equally and treated fairly meaning the customer gets a great price and the manufacturers pay their employees a fair wage whilst delivering high quality products.


That completes our run down of the top printing companies in the UK. We like to think we have covered all bases with these companies in terms of size, garment offering and personalisation offerings, but bear in mind this list is far from exhaustive and there are many, many other great options around if you haven’t found the right company for you yet. If this is the case, use this list as a starting point then maybe highlight what you know you need from a printing company, then work from there.