Most of us will spend at least a third of our lives sleeping. For this reason, it is paramount to take a closer look at what you are sleeping on. If you are in search of a new mattress, it is best to first educate yourself about the different types of memory foam mattress available in the market. Because they differ in terms of materials, construction, and features. Check here for more information on king size memory foam mattress and on
Queen size mattress dimension.

Innerspring mattress; it uses coil springs to provide good support. On top of the coils, there are various upholsteries that offer additional comfort. Coiled springs are designed to evenly distribute the body weight over the mattress surface.

Water mattresses; Water mattresses mainly reduce the pressure off the body and provide proper support to your spine. To enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat the water inside the water mattress can be heated. The main disadvantage of this type of bed is the water itself. A slight puncture in the mattress can be a total mess. Plus, each time your partner moves, the water wave will cause you to move or wake up from your deep sleep.

Air mattresses; are specifically designed to provide comfort to your body. You can even adjust its firmness according to your choice. Air mattresses provide the same level of comfort as that of water mattresses. Sadly they share the same drawback.  Most of the air mattresses come with the option of latex or foam add-ons.

Memory Foam Mattress; are among if not the best type of mattress. They contour to the shape of your body. Thus creating a “melting” feeling when you sleep on it. This type of bed can relieve the build-up of pressure points. It also offers optimum back and body support which prevents neck and back pains and aches.

Latex Mattress: provide good support neck and back and are very durable. Plus, it has a faster recovery time and it allows you to change position much easier. However, it doesn’t conform to your body as much as memory foam.

Hybrid mattresses; are made with a coil spring support core like those found in some innerspring mattresses, with an additional comfort layer featuring at least two inches of latex and/or memory foam. The coils provide some bounciness and comfort layer offers optimal body support that nullifies the pressure mounted on pressure points while sleeping.

Hybrid mattresses were designed to eliminate some of the problems that were commonly experienced with the innerspring and other traditional mattresses. For instance, hybrids are less bouncy than the traditional innerspring mattress. This creates less motion transfer, allowing people who share a bed to sleep properly throughout the night. However, common complaints about hybrids include; heavy weight and a high price tag. But the pros of the hybrid mattress far outweigh the cons.

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