Linen is a cloth that can be worn anywhere, be it for a formal occasion or a not-so-formal meet up. It is a soft fabric that lets your body breathe, and you feel free when you wear it. Sumissura is a brand that specializes in women’s linen suits, and it was founded in 2013. The company is a leader in the dealing of custom made linen suits for women who want to look elegant, but classy at the same time. Sumissura stands out in the sense that it offers its customers to buy the suits of their choice, and make the changes that they require. The collection of linen and cotton-linen fabrics is vast, and women can easily get the linen suit that they desire.


When can you wear a linen suit?

A linen suit can be worn at any time of the year. That is actually the best part of linen suits! They can be worn throughout the year, as the fabric is not only soft, but also lightweight. The only place where you might not be able to wear a linen suit could be a region that may be very cold. The linen fabric that is now available in the market has a very wide range of patterns, and some of them can even be felt by hand. Linen was previously known as the stiff fabric, but that is not true anymore. Recently blended linen was introduced, which solved the problem for many people all over the world who like to wear linen. With much softer material, people can now easily wear the elegant linen suits and not feel uncomfortable while carrying them. It is not necessary that you wear the suit to a formal occasion, like a wedding. These linen suits can also be worn at places like your office. Yes, you heard that right! Linen suits are now being worn at offices or formal meetings by women. It is very convenient for the customers to design the linen suit of their own choice, and Sumissura will do the rest for you!


How to design your linen suit?

As mentioned before, Sumissura gives you the liberty to design your own linen suit the way you want it. It gives the customers a sense of confidence as well as a feeling of trust. It wants you to choose the dress that you would like, and it encourages to portray your personality through the dress that you design by your own self. Let’s introduce the process to the ones who are ordering for the first time:

  1. Highlight your style:

This is the very first step of the process of designing your own linen suit. It gives you an opportunity to use the designer available on the website to customize the details you want to change, like the collar shape, the collar size, the color of the buttons and the threads. This option allows you to reflect your personality through the dress that you design.

  1. Select your fabric:

The colors and the types of fabrics that are available at the website are numerous. Choosing the fabric is often the trickiest part of designing a suit, but it is also the most essential part of the dress as it is going to determine how the dress will end up looking when it has been designed. The fabrics that are available at Sumissura include Corduroy, Wool, Cotton, Velvet, and many more. The options are vast so that there is something for everyone out there. No matter what fabric you may end up selecting, the quality of the fabric will be guaranteed as Sumissura does not deliver anything that is not of the best quality.

  1. Provide your measurements:

This step is also very important as getting the right fitting for you can often be difficult. All you need to do is ask a friend to take the measurements. If you are unsure of how exactly the measurements must be taken, you can consult the website, and you will be able to find a step-by-step process of how to take the measurements the right way. Following those steps will help you in getting the desired fitting in no time!

  1. Tailor-made garments:

Sumissura specializes in customized linen suits. All the suits that are made are started from scratch when your order is received. After the order is received, the tailors begin to work on your suit. It is made sure that the fitting is made exactly how it was requested. No two dresses are the same. Each one of them differs from the previous one.


Why should you customize?  

Sumissura believes that each woman should be able to have access to the clothes of her choice as the clothes that you wear define a lot about your personality. The company aims to let people select their own outfits, and it does so at a reasonable price.

Personalized dresses will allow you to get the perfect fit, as many people find it difficult to find the right sized linen suits. Either they are too tight or too lose. Once you have given the measurements at the website, you need not worry about them again, Sumissura will handle the rest for you the next time you order! Another factor that you should consider is that a customized order will definitely make you feel more special. You will feel as if you have added a personal touch to the suit, which you would have. This can be done by changing the collar’s color or the shape of the buttons. Sumissura aims to deliver the best quality products to its customers, and to be able to reach that level of performance it has made sure that it hired exerts who knew what they were doing. It has even introduced laser cutting technology that allows the fitting to be made exactly like you requested. Sumissura makes sure that prime quality  women’s suits are delivered to the customers, and no compromise is made on any feature.