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Our hit counter service is truly 100% FREE and there is NO email registration required! We have been supplying free visitor counters since 2007 and are still going strong with 64,000+ satisfied users.

Our visitor counter service is very reliable and accurate. We have a selection of over 400 different styles to choose from. If a style down here suits you, click on it to get the free counter code, that you can embed on any website (including Wordpress, Tumblr, Joomla, etc...). Once you have found the style you like, click on the preview image to get your free visitor counter code! Just place the HTML code snipped on your website and you are ready to go!

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We often get the question: Who needs a hit counter or visitor counter nowadays?

Well sure, there are super advanced web analytic tools like Google Analytics to track nearly everything about your website visitors and e-commerce clients. But does our visitor counter service compete with such a advanced and complicated tool?

The answer is: No not at all! Our web counters serve a very different purpose! With our free hit counter service you can see how much people visited your site very quickly and easily every time you visit your website. You don't have to login in a analytics account using your email and a password and sort through hundreds of pages of analytic data. All it takes is a visit on your website and you are updated!

Very often it's not even possible to install the Google analytics javascript code because you are simply not allowed to! This is the case everytime you use a third party web 2.0 property like Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress.com, Wix etc... All those services do not allow to install a visitor tracking system other than a simple html hit counter service like ours!

Another reason to use a visitor counter service like ReliableCounter.com is to show your visitors how much people already visited the website before. Analytic services let you analyse your web traffic deeply, but a huge visitor count is something you should not keep to yourself. Its social proof, to show your visitors how much people before already trusted and liked your website! This is a major factor to use a visitor counter service like ours and there are even more good reasons!

More about our hit counter service

Like all our services our visitor counter service is entirely free, and there’s no registration or sign-up process required to use them. Simply take some time to browse through the different counter styles – we have over four hundred, organized by category to your left – and, when you’re ready, select the one you’ve chosen by clicking the radio button next to the sample image. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select between a couple of different options – what number you’d like your hit counter to start on, and whether you want it to count all page views or just unique IP hits. Tell us the address of the page or blog you want to use the webstats on, click ‘Get My Code’, and voila! The relevant snippet of HTML is all ready for you to cut and paste straight in to wherever you want it to display.

Reliable QR

Here at ReliableCounter.com, we’ve been supplying our 64,000+ users with accurate, reliable visitor counter services since 2007. We’ve done so well with this that recently we’ve branched out and also offer a QR code generator. We’ve all seen them around: QR barcodes are fast becoming invaluable for engaging a user with your website when they’ve stumbled across you in another media. They’re useful on business cards, adverts, leaflets, shop windows…anywhere someone might see it while holding their phone.

Seems to us, though, that they’re just as powerful a tool when used the other way around. They don’t just connect users with a website they’ve encountered while out and about – they can also help your visitors quickly and easily integrate your services with their daily lives. Using a QR code displayed on your website someone can access a URL instantly on their mobile browser, save your contact information to their address book, check out your location on Google Maps (and generate directions for how to get to you, too), send a predefined email or SMS – such as to a subscription service – automatically, call your telephone number, bookmark your website, visit the iTunes store or Android market page for your product, or connect with a predefined WLAN network.

Why The Visitor Counters For Websites Are Still Used Nowadays

In order for us to understand why visitor counters are still in use today, we have to first understand what it is.
A web counter is a software application that shows the number of visitors/hits to a specific website page. Once a web counter is installed, it is increased by one every time the website page is accessed by a new visitor. A web counter is also known as a hit counter or simply a counter.

The number shown by the web counter is normally shown as numerals, but it is possible for it to display as a text or image. Different fonts or styles can be used to display the details of the web counter. A web counter works in the background and doesn't interrupt visitor's experience. Web counters can be set up by either incorporating it directly or by using a free or paid one. They can be programmable with the use of any scripting language, for example, PHP or C.
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Keywords used to bring traffic to the website:

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  • Deciding which hit counter to use will depend on the richness of information that you want and the amount you are willing to pay. One which is worth checking is reliablecounter.com, As with other forms of technology, you generally get what you pay for. You get more detailed information of a higher quality if you pay for counting and tracking options. Usually, there may be some additional work involved, in terms of generating and interpreting your data, depending on the option you choose.

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Origins of Blackjack
The first ever written account of the game with similar rules may be easily traced all the way back to Spain in the 17th century. It is during that period that Miguel de Cervantes had written a series of novellas referred to as Novelas Ejemplares. In one of his stories, Miguel had written about two characters that had played a game known as Ventiuna which means 21 in Spanish. It might not have had the rules of blackjack that people know of today, but there were many similarities. This account had been written by Miguel somewhere between 1601 and 1602 which shows that people used to play the game even before that.

There are some historians which believe that the blackjack of today had been first played at French casinos during the last period of the 17th century. Vingt-et-Un (21) is what is called and it had been derived by French Ferme and Chemin de Fer which were two of the most popular card games during that time in France.

Ancient Romans
There is even a theory which suggests that blackjack had been played as early as the time of ancient Romans. The Romans used to play a game where there were wooden blocks that had different numerical values and they enjoyed gambling.

Beginning of Modern Blackjack
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Emergence of Online Casinos
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One of the reasons why visitor/hit counters are in use is that: The web counter statistics instills confidence in advertisers as they are able to see the traffic details. Somehow it also encourages visitors/readers to spend more time with the website to see why the website is so popular. Hit counters can provide the website owner with the details of the user data, which indirectly could be used to increase the reader base or sales. However, sometimes false web counters are set up to trick visitors, so they cannot be always trustworthy.
Why are many counters free? One might ask. Many of them are free because in return for installing a counter on your web page, you give the company that owns the product a backlink and that gives them a high listing in search results.