Review Of The Onkyo tx-rz820

Onkyo tx rz820 front image

Onkyo is one of the best channel receivers that can handle your whole home theater system. It includes everything that you need, like the Marantz SR7012. The main purpose is to give you every note with fastidiousness. Onkyo is one of the most feature packed-7 channel receivers in the market today. It is rated at 130 watts per channel at 8 ohms. What this means is that it can be able to power some of the most demanding theater setups. With Onkyo tx-rz820, you will never get short of connections choices.

You are likely to find Onkyo tx-rz820 very obliging in case you have a 4K TV. Additionally, the 7.2 channel receiver has a total of 7HTMI inputs and 2 outputs. The reason why am saying this channel receiver is accommodating is because it can process major HDR flavors.



In addition, this channel receiver has WI-FI, Airplay and Bluetooth. There are also several analog audio and digital connections. What this means is that anyone who is in need of legacy connection options, he/she will find them in plenty.

Don’t forget that the receiver has a 12v trigger, an IR input/output and an RS-232 port for custom installs. The Onkyo tx-rz820 also has dedicated DACs to help ensure audio fidelity in both zones.



  • It has the THX certificate which guarantees that it has quality sounds
  • This receiver supports DTS-X and Dolby Atmos format. What this means for you is that it provides you with pure and powerful sounds.
  • Up mixing feature which means that you will experience multidimensional playback.
  • Vector Linear Shaping Circulty-sound is very crucial to the manufacturers and that’s why they included VLSC feature which removes noise caused by the digital pulse and the output analog signals.
  • Supports Chromecast Streaming technology
  • Remote control and a special application that helps you to tweak different strictures.
  • It also supports the 4K video standard at 60 Hz.
  • Onkyo TX-RZ820 has a Bluetooth functionality. This helps you eliminate the need to use wires. It also has a dual-band WI-FI for wireless sharing and connectivity. You can now access internet radio stations and several other audio streaming services.




This receiver component has a good design that doesn’t include any fancy or unnecessary elements. The other thing is that this channel receiver has a large display that shows every crucial information that you want at each point in time. Additionally, it has two knobs one large and the other small, each on one side. You are also likely to notice that there are some more small buttons on the right hand side. These buttons are specifically for changing the source and also control different zones. They also facilitate the turning on and off of the Bluetooth Module.

Additionally, there are some more buttons to customize and personalize the channel receiver. Some others includes ‘’sleep, info, setup and many more’’. On the same side, there are several ports for Phones, HDMI and setup mic. On the back side, there are several ports that are for enabling you to connect almost every other gadget on the receiver.

Onkyo tx-rz820 is built with durability in mind. There’s nothing that can shake. In fact it is very tight and the front flap can be closed tight. It is also lightweight. According to the manufacturers, this gadget weighs only 31 pounds. The company used high quality materials to reduce the weight of the device and at the same time ensure it is there to meet all the needs of the users.



I also took time to research and listen to users complains and praises about the functionality and the performance of Onkyo TX-RZ820. There are several things that I deduced that I think you should also know. First thing first, this channel receiver performs quite well. It is ideal for those people who wants a high-quality audio and videos. As we had already stated, it supports 4K video without any lagging. It does the same with audio.

It has a high audio quality. What this means is that the audio is clear and powerful. I remember stating that this model of channel receiver is THZ certified. What this means is that it has come a long way to meet all the standards provided for audio and visual contents.



As we had already mentioned on the features section, this gadget has several ports that ensures that you can always connect it with any other gadget. In fact it has 6-rear HDMI ports and 1 front HDMI input. This means that this device is highly connectible. It also has some wireless modules to connect wirelessly. You can connect with the tablets and smartphones.



Lastly, we have to review the set up process. From the experience we had, this device is easy to set up. Most of the set up processes are automatic and hence you will not have to waste a lot of tie connecting. There are also several guides available in the package and on the internet explaining the installation and setup process.



The fact that I have spent the entire time talking about the pros of using Onkyo TX-RZ820 doesn’t mean that this channel receiver is perfect and doesn’t have any fault. There are some of the users that are not pleased by the wireless modules. Some of them claim that it may work with errors. These errors can result to the loss of connection.

There are some few others who complain about the quality of HTMI Boards. They claim that this receiver is suffering from low-quality HDMI boards. However, the machine has very powerful codec pack that can play almost all kinds of files. What this means is that you shouldn’t be worrying about compatibility.



Onkyo TX-RZ820 is the perfect option for those people who are looking for a perfect device for quality sounds and videos. It is also not very expensive. In fact it costs something to do with $600. Regardless of some of the drawbacks that we have highlighted above, you are likely to love the companion.

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