10 Areas Restaurant Owners Need to Monitor to Mitigate Losses


Surveillance cameras are a good investment for any business because there are so many different moving parts when it comes to running a business. It can be challenging to find ways to be able to monitor everything you need to monitor.


Types of Risks to Monitor

When you monitor a restaurant, there are five areas of focus you need to concentrate on. These five focus areas include:

  • Customer Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Employee Safety
  • Theft
  • Security

Using video surveillance to help monitor these five areas can help you run a safe and secure establishment and will allow you to recognize any potential dangers or risks so you can take care of them before they can become a liability.

The following are ten of the most high-risk places you need to be aware of as a restaurant owner, so you can monitor them to mitigate loss.

  1. The Safe: this is a high-risk area because this is where the restaurant’s money is located. You should have a security camera dedicated to monitoring this area, so you can see any employee interactions as well as potential security risks that may exist. There should be no blind spots in areas in which money is handled.
  2. The Office: this area should be monitored in the same respect as the safe. The office has proven to be one of a restaurant’s biggest blind spots and remains one of the prime locations when it comes to theft, fraud, employee safety security concerns.

You will want to make sure you have video surveillance in these areas, so you will have access to security footage if any type of incident does occur.

  1. Bathrooms: slip and falls are one of the biggest incidents for a restaurant so having cameras in high-risk areas such as these where there is water is important. Many restaurant owners will choose to not place video surveillance inside the actual bathrooms but find it most important to cover bathroom hallways and the areas outside of the bathroom.
  2. Drink Station: this area also sees slip and falls and can be hazardous. The risk here involves customer and employee safety.
  3. The Kitchen: monitoring the kitchen for food and employee safety is important to make sure that all safety rules and guidelines are being adhered to and followed.
  4. The Back Door: this is one of the primary entrances for a burglar or other criminal to access in a restaurant. Keep the back door unobstructed and install a motion activated security camera to monitor who enters and leaves the building. This is good for employee safety and security.
  5. The Walk-in Cooler: this is one of the most overlooked areas in a restaurant when it comes to misconduct. Having surveillance cameras in this area can effectively monitor for employee and food safety, security, and theft and fraud.
  6. Drive Thru: if your restaurant has a drive-thru, then security cameras should be used to monitor for robberies and ensure the highest level of customer service. Please check Security Cameras Greensboro for information in your area..
  7. Employee Line: this is the area in which your employees interact with your customers and having footage of this area can help you with customer complaints and even fighting false insurance claims.
  8. The Bar: this is one of the highest risk areas in the restaurant because of the amount of alcohol being served and consumed. Having surveillance in the bar can help with customer and employee safety and help deter theft and fraud.


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