10 Moving House Tips For Packing


You are relocating to a new house – you have informed everybody about the change in address and have hired a bond cleaning company in Brisbane  and have hired a local removals company after much research. Now all that is left to do is to pack your stuff but that is something that we never look forward to. Be as stressful and tiring as it is, there is no way to get out from packing your stuff unless you are hiring one of the best removalists in Brisbane or in any other place you’re in. But there are some simple moving packing tips and tricks which when you follow will make your moving process less taxing.

  1. Get rid of the unwanted clutter


First things first. Do away with all the unwanted things that are gathering dust and space. There is no meaning in allocating boxes and boxes for things that you wouldn’t probably retrieve from it. Do a cleaning purge first so that you know exactly what to pack first when moving.

You don’t want to pack in that layered dress that you haven’t worn in the last ten years or those dimmed out vases that aren’t going to be on display anymore.

Make an audit of the things you have and get rid of all the things that you know you won’t need.

If you are planning to replace new things in a short time, get rid of those too. You can make a list of things that are in good condition and give it away to charity or hold a garage sale and sell it out and make some bucks out of it.


  1. Start with the right packing materials

Make an approximated calculation of the number of stuff you need to pack and the proportionate packing materials that you will need. It may be a challenging task to actually put a number to your stuff but it will be a great start to ease out your packing process.

Find out how many boxes you need in each size. Make sure to get some sturdy boxes for heavy items; go for wooden crates if needed. Find out how many bubble wraps, thermocol, markers and packing tapes you will need. There is no harm in getting a few extra things so that you don’t have to run outside in the middle of packing to get more packing stuff.

Check if you have the original boxes for all your electronic appliances, if not make sure to get some thick boxes for it. You can easily get some good boxes from the local grocery stores or pick out used boxes from hardware stores.


  1. Make out a proper plan

Make a checklist for moving your stuff.

Start writing the checklist well before the planned day for packing and note down everything related to packing and relocation.

Take the checklist with you wherever you go and note in it immediately when you get reminded.

When you are confident that you have covered almost everything in the checklist, make a broad plan in the calendar. Mark with the plans for each day so that you might get an estimation of the time you need to spend. It will be even more be beneficial if you can break down the tasks in the calendar for each day.


  1. Start your packing a few days ahead

We all know how packing days are. Most of the time it stretches out too much that you don’t have sufficient time to complete packing and end up packing things haphazardly in the last minute.

There is no harm to start packing a few days early. Even when you are a couple of months ahead, pack things that you know that you wouldn’t need in the coming months. This could mostly be the seasonal items that are of no use right now to some keepsakes that are probably kept locked down inside most of the time.


  1. Categorize and label boxes


Start by categorizing the boxes according to the room it is in and add a sub-category to it depending on the items packed.

Adopt a colour code for different items like electronics, books, clothes, hazardous items, fragile items, etc.


To find your things easily in your new house, it is best to label it properly, and not in a generic way like labelling ‘clothes’. Mention specific items and if you have different things in a box, then it is best to mention where it is.

For example, top – t-shirts, middle – CDs from the top of the TV cabinet, bottom – books from the bottom drawer of study table.

When you label it properly, it will be easier when you are stacking up the things in the van and it will avoid unintentional damages. Hire the best interstate removalists in Brisbane or in your local area to help you with moving the boxes to the van.


  1. Go room by room

You might be tempted to pack a box in your room and then pack one in the study room and go all around the house packing things as you go. But that might leave you unorganized and confused in the end.

Start going room by room.

Pack, categorize and label everything in a single room and move on to the next room.

By this way, you know the volume of the work lying ahead and will be aware of what to do next.

For packing tips for moving in a hurry, you can start by adding all similar things in a box so that it is easy to bulk pack the things together.


  1. Attentive packing for fragile things

It’s time to make use of all the packing stuff you had brought earlier. Use the packing paper to wrap the breakable dishes, plates, vases and other glass decorative articles. Pack them compactly in a box and wound them around with bubble wraps. Stuff in newspapers and sponges in the vacant areas so that the items remain intact.

If are packing a single, big fragile item, wrap it in bubble wrap or even a thick blanket and place it inside a sturdy box followed by padding in with newspapers in the empty spots and seal it in properly with a packing tape.


  1. Don’t miss out any empty spaces

Make efficient use of things as much as you can. You can fill in the drawers of the tables and cabinets with some light things wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap. Are you carrying the storage bins too? Pack your clothes in it! If you have open bins, you can always seal it with nice thick plastic papers and store things in.


  1. Start eating off from the fridge

A week before the moving day, stop grocery shopping and try to make meals with whatever edible things you already have in your house. You can save yourself the guilt of throwing away some perfectly good food at the end and if you have some remaining in the end, you can always give it away to your friends.


  1. Pack a bag for the moving day

You are going to take more time to unpack than you spent time in packing your things. So it is best to pack a few important things that you will immediately need when you arrive at your new house – change of clothes, basic toiletries, water bottle and other things that you are definitely going to need in your first day at your new house.

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