5 Essential Things Every Startup Should Invest In

Starting a new business is an exciting process. At times it is fun and often it’s stressful. No matter how much you plan, a new business will always be time-consuming.

Every entrepreneur needs a few things to begin. Grit and determination are great for starters. Yet no matter how big the dreams and no matter how mentally prepared, don’t forget the first five physical things every new business needs to get started:


  1. An office or workspace

It might be a top floor suite or it might be a room above the garage. Either way, every new business needs a dedicated space in which to operate. There is no right or wrong solution to this need. It may depend on the needs of your particular business. Having a specific space set apart for your business will allow you to stay more organized and free from distraction.

  1. Furniture

The next thing every new business must have is furniture. Good furniture can make a big difference in productivity. Sitting on the floor or on some crappy furniture will make it hard to motivate yourself or your employees to put in long hours.

When thinking about furniture, there are several things to consider. You will first need a desk and a comfortable office chair. Depending on your specific business, you may need additional tables and maybe a conference table and chairs. When choosing furniture, just remember this is where you will spend a significant amount of your time.

  1. Computers and Software

Every modern business must have computers and the right software tools to minimize risk and maximize profitability. You will have to decide whether a desktop or laptop makes the most sense in your situation. You will also need to research what types of software you’ll need to get started.

Most businesses will need an office suite, like Microsoft Office, that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and other programs. Or if you are on a tight budget you can use Libre office. It is free but powerful. You may also want to consider accounting and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to keep track of your financial and customer information. Other industry-specific software may be required as well. Other useful programs include office form templates, employee management software, and point-of-sale software that work in conjunction with your Accounting system. That’s if you run a physical store.

  1. Marketing Tools

Every business should invest in at least two or three key marketing tools prior to startup. Business cards and an internet presence, Business cards are still the primary means of networking. Even employees of the biggest online businesses all have business cards. A web presence is an absolute must. If you have basic computer skills, you can build a good website. This is not a place to skim and save.

  1. Explainer videos

This can either be considered as part of your marketing budget or a standalone aspect but you need this. Explainer videos help you convey the message you want to your prospective customers. If you do not know how to make one no problem, for a suitable price there are sites that will do animated explainer videos for you


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