6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Online Store

Who doesn’t want to earn? After all, this is the purpose that built the foundation of online stores. But, one thing everyone has to admit that the set up of an online store has never been an easy process. Some believe that it requires a detailed technical knowledge including programming, whereas some say that a huge financial support is required too. And these myths altogether break the popular notion that says, business is totally based on the idea(s). Here, we will talk about, whether it is setting up an online web development company like Intlum or starting an online boutique, everything is easy and requires only a few steps. Let’s talk about all the 6 easy and feasible steps that you need to follow to create your own online store.


1.   Always Look for the Best Online Store Builder

Setting up a business requires a huge amount of hard work and some financial support. Often, entrepreneurs think that any online store builder would do the best work. They prefer budget over quality. Well! This is not just a mistake, it is a huge blunder indeed. In fact, nowadays big ecommerce builders have come up with budget-friendly packages for all. In fact, they offer free trials too; so if you don’t like their services, you can always choose another plan.

Investing money for the sake of a successful business is natural. But, before you invest, it is always advisable to choose the right platform and the right package. These store builders are extremely user-friendly like layerpoint and mostly work fluently even when you have zero technical knowledge. These platforms build a store from scratches. They allow you to customize, upload, connect, and manage at the same time. Basically, these store builders host your store, they also let you buy or connect your own domain name. The store builders would ensure that you and your consumers enjoy a seamless service with all type of securities.


2.   Think about a Unique Domain Name

A domain name is basically the identity of your online store. The more unique the name is, the more chances it has, to be a popular name in the internet market. A domain name is basically the URL that gives an identity to your store. It is exactly like an address. It is evident that every brand has its own personalized domain name. So, how would you make a mark?

Well! The formula is simple. Always choose a name that is simple, short, and easy to remember. And, yes! Never ever go for subdomains which are free of cost indeed but do not add any brand value. A business is all about credibility. If your consumers do not trust your brand as a whole, then obviously neither they would buy, nor they would recommend your store to anyone. So, if you want to leave a footstep behind, then you need to opt for things that would establish your brand as an individual phenomenon.


3.   A Great Design can Incite Millions of Minds

Exactly! The importance of a great web design is infinite. A beautifully designed website can create a great impact on millions of minds. For example, when you visit a store, the first you notice is the showroom and its design. If the interior décor is beautiful, it blows your mind and tempts you to buy products. Well! That’s a general human nature and cannot be overlooked. The same thing happens with an online store.

Make sure to choose a user-friendly yet beautifully decorated ecommerce template. Here also, you don’t need to worry about coding and programmings. And also definitely, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer. Your chosen store builder generally comes up with beautiful themes or templates. You can choose as per your niche and requirements. Well! You can always look for a designer, but if you don’t want to, then also things are quite easier to handle. Make sure to make the design look simple, classy, and elegant. Because, after all, you need to create a great visual appeal.


4.   It’s Time to Add Products

Now, when you are done with the setup and design, your store is ready to display all the products. Mainly these are the prime things you need to add a product: Name, Price, Category, Weight, a Description, a beautiful image, and file (if there is an ebook or a downloadable image). Well! The importance of an appealing image is massive; in fact, more than one can even imagine.

So, make to include high-quality images that would literally compel your consumers to stay in your store for a longer time. Talking about the descriptions, it is a tough job indeed. Compelling content writing has never been an easy job. One needs to be very particular and focused while writing all the major key points about a product. It would not sound boring and would cover the major things. This is a very important step indeed to create an impactful online store.


5.   Setup of Payment and Shipping

Well! The time has arrived to complete the setup of payment methods and shipping. Payment Gateways are what you need to know about at this stage.
There are several gateways to implement that would allow the consumers to use debit or credit cards. This is a crucial stage because usually a huge amount of installation charges are usually required to set up these gateways. But, the market is flooded with a number of amazing payment gateways. All the gateways are equally effective. So, you can always choose the one that fits your budget. Make sure that the gateway is fully secure and has all the necessary permits. And as always, look for the quality more than the price tag solely. You can also include the Cash on Delivery option, a few consumers simply reject sites that don’t have COD option. So, arrange the payment procedure accordingly.

In the initial stage, it might not be possible for a brand to give rebates on shopping costs. But in the later stages, you can always make it free. Both of these are crucial steps in creating an online store.


6.   It’s Time to Test, Review, and Publish!

Well! Your site is almost ready now. It is time to test, review, and finally publish it online. This might be the last stage but very crucial indeed. Just a small mistake might become a huge loss for your brand. So, always appoint someone (or even you can do it yourself) who knows the craft and is quite a professional. A thorough analysis is required at this stage. Before you publish it online, make sure all the products have been uploaded with the right name, price tag, images, and features. Of course, you can change all of them later on. But, why would you let a mistake happen deliberately? Voila! After all these stages, your online store is ready to publish.

These 6 steps are pretty easy and simple to follow. Your own online store is not a mere dream anymore. There are loads of online tools and platforms available nowadays. Create a beautiful online store right now that people would never forget.

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