Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018
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Importance of life insurance for working women

Gone are the days when a man used to be the sole earner of the family, nowadays women have slowly proved themselves at every stage, not only as managers but also as breadwinners of the family. In today’s era, both husband and wife earns and manage other households also. In a few cases, women earn […]

Surprising friends with something thoughtful is easier than you think

  CareGatto, an e-commerce gifting company based in Los Angeles, has created a platform allowing users to create and mail a card from anywhere in the world, online. Unlike regular greeting cards, these cards can be personalized by two photo inserts, one on each side. Customers can upload photos directly from their phone or their […]

4 Recent Places That Are Implementing Major Societal Impactful Changes

  Change is always a constant, necessary for human growth and development. And a change could come in many forms, for example,  personality change; change of an environment, changes to building structures; change in religion, change in education, changes in policies be it in government or in private sectors to mention these few.   This […]

Declaring your love with a rose bouquet

  “Roses are red Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, and so are you” one more time “Roses are red Violets are blue, you are cute, I’m falling in love with you” Each time I think about roses I reminisce my time in Kinder garden. The most beloved flower in the world is probably the […]

6 Types of Fans You Need to Know

  In almost every home there are different types of fans for use. There are those fans that are used to move the air around the room, and others are used to blow away hot air from the living room. Depending on the type of fan one needs, it’s important to consider the efficiency, the […]

Nigeria News Updates – Read Breaking News in Nigeria

Modern life has made information a necessity. Not so long ago finding out what was going on in our locality, national territory or around the world meant picking up a morning edition of a certain newspaper, listen to the radio or watching the Six O’clock news. However, no longer is it necessary to sit through […]

The best website to send anonymous SMS

These days guarding your privacy is more important than ever. Most people will be shocked at how little online privacy there is today. When they realize that most websites they visit, every e-mail they send is logged and recorded. This can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Of course, you can log onto most websites and […]

What are clutch bags and where to find them

    Bags! What will we do without them? Over the course of time bags have been refined to suit the time and purpose. Needless to say, that still holds true today but in this modern era bags especially for women have become as essential as the smartphone. Bags now our days have transcended into […]

All about the Top Essay Writing Service

Introduction For everyone out there that has ever written an essay or tried to write one can testify firsthand how challenging the experience can be. For some students, it can be tough trying to write the perfect essay that will get those grades that qualify you to advance to the next stage of your education. […]

Banksy art – The works of the graffiti artist

For most people when they hear or think of art the first thing that comes to mine would typically be a sculpture or painting. In a sense, they are not wrong but perhaps they are a little bit naïve as to what art really is.     So what is art? There isn’t really a […]