Monday, 18 Jun 2018
Category: Technology

How to keep your Profile picture more secure on Whatsapp?

Latest Whatsapp tricks to Save your Whatsapp Dp   Do you think that your Whatsapp  Dp Profile picture is safer and nobody can download your picture? Then you are wrong! Now anyone can download your profile picture if he has your number. But Whatsapp had also added a feature to keep your profile picture more […]

Net Neutrality – Its details and History

Net neutrality died this week, but was the net really ever run fairly? Many news websites draw attention to new rules, which came into force this week (June 11, 2018 to be precise), which will allow internet service providers to choose which internet traffic to give priority to. This, the commentators say, is the beginning […]

Top 5 Most Searched Life Insurance Keywords on Google

  Most life insurance companies that drive torrents of traffic to their sites are carefully of doing two important things:   First, they discover some of the most searched insurance keywords.   Second, they smartly use these keywords to build powerful content that yields enough power to drive torrents of traffic, generate tons of sales-ready […]

Bulk SMS in Nigeria – How To Send Bulk SMS @ 0.65kobo/Unit

Did you know you can save time, money and effectively reach your customers/target audience with a single click? You can achieve this through bulk SMS. So what is bulk SMS? You see unlike sending messages to a single or limited multitude of people using local SMS (short message service) on our mobile phone, bulk SMS […]

The Best 5 Smart Tips For Making Money On Instagram

The Best 5 Smart Tips For Making Money On Instagram One beautiful thing about technology is that it is very dynamic and keeps on improving daily. With creativity and the right strategies these days, there is barely anything you cannot achieve. One of the very numerous things you can quickly achieve if you have and […]

How to make a facebook business page?

 To make a facebook page for your business, you need to follow these steps:   Sign up Open the facebook page and click create the page option on the right side on top. After clicking this, you will get options for several business types. Select your type for which you are going to create facebook […]

5 advantages of twitter

  Twitter has made you able to find for the thoughts of almost everyone worldwide, everyone who’s using twitter whether it’s about business, technology, politics, you can get information, saying and thinking of about everyone and it never ends. You are never supposed to be more connected than that of this. There are some of […]

Phone repair and Iphone repair in Singapore

Phones, what we will do without them… Modern life has made the smartphone a necessity. They say dogs are a man’s best friend I think the smartphone is a man’s best companion. Rarely will you find anyone without a smartphone these days? And they are gradually replacing every small accessory we use to carry from […]

How to search for people online

Have you ever lived with a friend in the same neighborhood, gone to school with them and after high school graduation you lost touch with them? I know I have. Have you ever wanted to find them to know their whereabouts or at least see what they look like after all those years? Looking for […]

PDF Convert Free Review: Free Online Service To Convert PDF To SVG

  From time to time you may need to convert your PDF file to other formats such as Word or Excel. This is especially true if you want to edit a PDF document. PDF files may offer many benefits to users such as file compression and data encryption, but they are notorious for being hard-to-edit. […]