Marantz SR7012 Review

Year after year, Marantz is building a great reputation in the music and entertainment industry.

Lately, they have come up with the SR7012, an AV receiver that has hit the streets with a big boom. Reading this review, you will know that you are in for something juicy.



The Marantz SR7012 is just the product you have been looking for if your aim is to blend your movie experience with the latest technology of full compatibility, precise audio reception and 3D decoding. Besides being top notch at home cinema, the Marantz SR7012 has the best playback for your favourite music. It is just the perfect addition to your system for home entertainment. What else would you be looking for in an AV receiver?

We will delve into the key features of the Marantz SR7012, analysing the power and processing features, the options for digital music, audio performance, connectivity, multi-room audio and video as well as the pros and cons of this product.


Key Features of Marantz SR7012

  • 9.2 Channel AV receiver, 200 W per channel
  • 4K/60 Hertz full through pass rate
  • 4:4:4 full color resolution, High Dynamic Range Imaging, Rec.2020,
  • Dolby Vision with a Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) pass-through
  • 8 High Definition Multimedia Interface inputs (HDMI) with 1 front
  • Full High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2 support
  • DTS:X™ with an in-built Auro-3D
  • In-built Wi-Fi which has a dual band support of 2.4GHz/5GHz.
  • In-built HEOS Multi-Room Wireless Audio Technology
  • 3 outputs for HDMI with (incl. Zone 2)
  • Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) which is supported through an update from firmware
  • Shift from Analogue to High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) conversion plus Upscaling of HD/4K from SD
  • Dolby Atmos (up to 7.1.4 which has an external amplifier 2nch)
  • Bluetooth, Air-Play, Internet Radio, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, and more
  • FLAC, DSD (2.8/5.6MHz), WAV and ALAC support
  • Dynamic Volume, MultEQ XT32 Auddyssey, Sub EQ HT, LFC, and Dynamic EQ
  • Speaker Terminals which are Colour-coded
  • Setup Assistant, Remote App (AVR) from Marantz 2016
  • The Intelligent ECO mode which has an automatic setting for on/off
  • Advanced multi-room options; Channel processing 11.2 which has pre-outs for all available channels
  • RS232 Controls
  • Connected with Crestron




The 9 Channel Amp plus the Eco Mode

Marantz SR7012 has 9 high power amplifying devices on each of the available 9 channels. It is rated at about 200 watts per channel. For breath-taking 3D sounds, you can consider setting it up to either (5.1.4 or 7.1.2) 3D without needing external amplifiers to expand it to 7.1.4. This is done using 11.2 channels processing for SR7012.

On the other hand, the ECO Mode is meant to save energy by allowing the AV Receiver to function in Energy Saving Modes too. Although the energy is saved, the sound quality produced by the SR7012 is never compromised.


HDMI Connectivity and HDCP compatibility

The SR7012 comes with 8 HDMI inputs having one of them at the front panel to enhance quick connections. Besides that, the AV receiver has advanced sections for videos which can support the latest connection for HDMI’s. This includes the 4k ultra, HDR, Pure colour sampling, BT, 3D, Dolby Vision among others.

The fact that SR7012 is compatible with the HDCP 2.2 for HD 4K content which is copy protected simply depicts the readiness to the Blu-Ray next-generations disc players, 4K ultra streams, downloads and up-convert video processors. This is just the perfect way to liven up your legacy sources.


Dolby Atmos

The Dolby Atmos is a feature that enhances your experience by moving the flow of audio sounds around you with the clarity and realism of your desire. You can get the best speaker with the 7.1 or 5.1 System which comes with four overhead speakers. With the Dolby Atmos Elevation speakers which are four in number, you can set up 7.1.4 which comes with another two-channel amplifier.


The DTS: X

This is a breath-taking feature of the SR7012. It produces immersive sounds that are strategically and naturally placed in the space. This creates a multi-dimensional experience with audio sounds in your home. The immersion increases the level of realism in the movie world today. Just the perfect feature to bring theatre experience to your home.


In-Built Bluetooth, Air Play and Wi-Fi

If you live in congested areas in the city, this feature was made for you. It allows great streaming speeds thanks to its attached antenna with a dual receiver. In addition to that, the Air Play enhances SR7012’s compatibility with Apple iOS, so you can also listen to your favourite music from your iPad or iPhone.



The introduction of HEOS technology to the SR7012 is a favourite among most people. It simply allows you to wirelessly stream your favourite music from a variety of unlimited resources. From Sound cloud, Tidal, Spotify, Napster and your local library files too. With the free HEOS app, you can play music effortlessly from any part of your house.

With Alexa’s speak-your-commands, you can ask Alexa to play you music from your music services like Spotify. With Alexa enabled in your HEOS, you can stream any other device which is HEOS enabled and this product too.


Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module

The HDAM provides high-end wide-band for low noises in very discrete configuration. This technology ensures fast response to the maximum dynamic range available. In addition, it features the Current feedback rather than the voltage Feedback Configuration.



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  • High quality sounds
  • Highly responsive and reliable
  • 4K compatibility
  • High resolutions for music formats
  • Wireless multi-room audio and video system



  • Weak signal at times






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