How To Write A Successful Resume

How To Write A Successful Resume

Writing a successful resume is the first step in securing your dream job. A successful resume has to meet a number of requirements. There are a number of free resume builders out there on the internet today to help you in the process, such as Here are a few things that you can do to write a successful resume.


Resume or CV

A resume is also known as a CV, standing for Curriculum Vitae, which literally translates from Latin into ‘the course of one’s life.’ A resume is therefore an outline of your professional life, including your education and previous work experience.


A Marketing Document

Having a resume provides a convenient and flexible way to make job applications, communicating the relevant details of your life, presenting you in the best way possible. A resume should be looked at as a marketing document, only the thing being marketed is yourself. Example: If you are an experienced IT consultant who has previously worked in the network adminstration department. You should mention your achievements i.e If you planned and optimized the enterprise networks mention that, here’s an interesting post which have covered the similar topic. You can take some ideas and include key pointers in your resume to make it more interesting.In it you must sell yourself, highlighting your experience, qualifications, abilities and skills to prospective employers. One well-crafted resume can serve the purpose of multiple job applications, provided that they are in similar career areas.


What your Resume must Include

A successful resume must include all of one’s previous work experience relating to the job being applied for, starting from the most recent, and moving backwards in time. It must also include all of one’s qualifications and skills. For ex: If you are applying for the position of app developer check this post ( The goal is to help you understand what exactly co’s look when they decide to hire an app developer).  Taking about the basics, your resume should be easy to read. It should list all of one’s accomplishments. It must be checked for impeccable grammar and spelling, or it comes across as highly unprofessional. It must detail one’s educational history. It must contain a list of intangibles, such as what makes one stand out as an individual and what drives one to succeed. It must clearly state one’s professional objectives, contact information, personal experiences and skills on the computer.


Originality is a key ingredient in a successful resume. A successful resume avoids clichés and boring old buzz words that make it insipid and uninteresting. These buzz words include ‘supervised and trained, key role, responsible for and managed.’ You have to use all your faculties to make your resume as original as possible, generating interest in those who read it. Buzz words can be used every now and again, but make sure not to overuse them. Replace them with synonyms and adjectives that communicate what you want to say in a livelier fashion.


Tailor the resume to the job

Each job you apply for may require a different skill set, meaning you have to adapt according to those specifications, presenting yourself as relevant and important to the job vacancy at hand. See this page to find the best online jobs.

You don’t have to write your resume from scratch every time. But you may need to change it slightly from job application to job application, highlighting a different set of accomplishments, listing a different set of skills, molding your resume to fulfil the requirements of particular jobs.

Using a resume builder like makes your job that much easier, providing you with a template in which all you have to do is input your information. Additionally, consider free resume templates from the leading career sites like theladders, Indeed or


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