Remote working is an increasingly common mode of performing professional duties. The threat of coronavirus causes more and more companies to switch to this kind of work, and if the epidemic won´t stop spreading so quickly, companies may be forced to implement home office as a basic way of working. We will show you in this article, which tools makes the home office work much easier and effective.



Microsoft Teams

The basis of remote work is communication. One of the best communicators available on the market is Microsoft Teams service. It is available in a paid version within the Office 365 service and in a free version. The second one allows you to send an unlimited number of text messages, make video calls, collaborate on Office documents (within the Office Online service), transfer files, access 250 applications and services and share the screen. Many more possibilities are offered by paid variants of Microsoft Teams service, making it a real harvester for efficient and effective remote teamwork. The service is available through a browser and applications for Windows, Android and iOS. Due to the threat from coronavirus, Microsoft decided to make an interesting move and made Teams service available for free for six months to all interested users.


Until now, this service has been the most popular choice for communication between individuals and whole teams. However, Microsoft’s Teams tool has changed the situation. Just like Redmond’s solution, Slack is available in both paid and free versions. In the latter version it is possible to send up to 10 000 messages (after exceeding the limit, access to the oldest ones is blocked), video calls between individual users and file sharing. This communicator can be used in a browser and application for Windows, Android and iOS.


Creating and editing documents

Google documents

There are many applications available to create and edit various documents, including free ones. However, in the case of remote, especially team work, the function of working on one file by many users is also important. This solution is offered by Google Docs, a package consisting of a text editor, spreadsheet, presentation creation program and form creation tools. A big advantage of each of them is a large number of functions allowing to create even very complicated documents, which makes Google’s service can even serve as a replacement for the office package Office. The tycoon search solution is available through the browser and in the form of applications for mobile devices.

Microsoft Office Online

People working with Microsoft Office on a daily basis may have one problem with switching to a Google solution. This is due to small differences in the naming of functions and tools, which requires getting used to. If you want to get into work quickly and don’t waste time learning new programs, you can use the browser version of the Office suite, which Microsoft made available a few years ago. It doesn’t offer as many features as its equivalent installed on computers or Google’s solution, but it’s successful in creating text documents, spreadsheets and multimedia presentations. Microsoft Office Online allows you to work on documents by multiple users and is also available as an application for mobile devices.


Synchronize and share files

Google Drive

This service is one of the most popular in the world, because everyone who has a Google mailbox has access to it. Of course, it has more advantages, and the largest of them is 15 GB of space for data in the free version. Unfortunately this space is shared with the Gmail service, so the actual storage space may turn out to be smaller. Google service allows you to store files in the cloud and conveniently share them with other users. There are also tools to synchronize files stored on your computer or mobile device, so that the data stored on the virtual drive is always up-to-date. Another advantage of Google Drive is the integration with the aforementioned Documents service, which allows for quick editing of files.


Task planning


Remote working is not only about communicating with colleagues. It is also important to organize your own time and collect ideas and take notes. Evernote, one of the best applications of its kind, can help in this. The program allows you to create a digital notebook in which you can add text entries supplemented with multimedia, such as images and even web clippings. Evernote also allows you to add voice and handwritten notes. All entries are stored in the cloud, so the user has access to them on different devices. If you’re looking for a notebook, be sure to check to get the best coupons !


Secure access to internal company networks

Windsribe VPN

Some companies are building an internal network that is not accessible from the outside for most users. In the case of remote operation, it is necessary to use a secure connection, and only VPNs offer this. One of the most interesting applications of this type is Windscribe, which in a free variant offers up to 10 GB of data per month. This is a lot and will allow almost everyone to download or upload large amounts of data to the company’s network.

Get to Work

These tools are designed to make the experience of working from home more pleasant and productive. While you don’t need the latest or the most expensive computer, you will surely need an efficient one to multitask without hitches. Start your quest for the best work or business computer here.

Are you all set to work?