Benefits of Electronic Recycling

In the 21st century, almost everyone has some type of electronic device. Be it a cell phone, a laptop  an iPad or a computer. Only when these electronics tend to reach their age do they have to be thrown away. However, what many people do not realise is that such electronic devices are made up of metals. Metals are easily recyclable. Recycling such electronic devices can help protect the environment from air and water pollution as well as the greenhouses gases which are emitted during the manufacture of new products. Recycling old electronic devices also promotes the protection and conservation of natural resources which are often used without a limit in making new electronic devices. If you want to throw away old electronic devices, you should think of considering IT Asset Disposition. It can greatly solve the problem of electronic waste which keeps on growing every single year.

According to a research, at least 2 million tons of obsolete computers and televisions are disposed of in landfills. Moreover, 128 million tons of cell phones are also disposed of each year. Which is why electronic waste is a growing problem and people need to be educated on the benefits of IT asset disposal and reusing old electronics.

  • Recycling electronic devices helps conserve natural resources, as already mentioned. As these devices will be recycled, a lot of material can extracted from the recycling process. For example, metal and glass. According to reports publish by the United Nations, at least 40 to 50% of the metals extracted from electronic waste is precious than the metals mined. There will be no need to mine for metals or other natural resources, reducing the scarcity of metals effectively.
  • Electronic recycling also helps support the community. Instead of throwing away old electronics, they can be donated to people who cannot afford cell phones or computers. Having access to technology and the internet is of the utmost importance in this day and age.
  • Electronic recycling also helps tackle unemployment. As the demand for the recycling of electronic devices increases, it is giving people the opportunity to open up new businesses dealing with electronic recycling. These businesses will also look to employ other people as their employees.
  • Electronic recycling helps protect the environment a great deal. This is because electronic devices contain a lot of harmful material which is not only harmful for the environment but also the general public. For example, circuit boards and batteries always include harmful material such as lead, mercury and chromium. These harmful substances can seep into the water as well. Moreover, such substances can pollute the air if dumped in landfills and can cause breathing problems for people as greenhouse gases are emitted.

If you are looking to throw away a few electronic devices, you should instead contact an electronic recycling company. For example, the Chicago Electronic Recycling. This company is dedicated to safely recycling electronic devices and reduced e-waste. It also ensures data protection. Before recycling your electronic devices, they remove all the personal from the devices.




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