Global warming has become a real issue in this day and age. The ozone layer depletes every single day and it is only because of the fact that there is too much waste on this Earth. That waste is causing the production of greenhouse gases, contaminating fresh water, polluting the air and making it a nuisance for humans to live a good and healthy life. Which is why recycling everything, from metals to plastic to cartridge recycling has become quite popular. With increasing knowledge about global warming, many people are trying to become sustainable by adopting a much greener and environmentally safe lifestyle. One of them is by recycling toner cartridges and Chicago computer recycling. While you can just as easily find a toner cartridge online or in any store, it is still a better option to reuse or recycle the toner cartridge. The long term benefits of recycling toner cartridges outweigh the short term benefits of buying a new toner cartridge. With recycling, you will not only be protecting the environment but also the lives of people from dangerous diseases caused by disposing toner cartridges.

Here are a few benefits of recycling toner cartridges:

  • Since toner cartridges are very easily available to people, more than millions of toner cartridges are disposed of each year. At least more than 300 million toner cartridges are disposed of around the world every year. Most of them almost always ends up in landfill where these toner cartridges can take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose. It is estimated that to make one brand new cartridge, it takes about 1Lb of oil and 8 kg of Carbon dioxide. Imagine if the toner cartridges were just reused or recycled, so many of the earth’s natural resources could be saved.
  • Ink cartridges can be very easily reused, considering that most of the product they are made from is plastic. The plastic from the cartridges can be used to make other cartridges or can be repurposed for many other things as well. Moreover, with recycling cartridges, it effectively helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide which is used during the process, helping to eliminate carbon footprint.
  • If you have a business who uses ink cartridges a lot, you can also make a deal with your cartridge supplier. Many suppliers are nowadays more willing to refill the cartridges for you. This is quite an inexpensive option rather than having to buy new cartridges. Moreover, by adopting a much greener attitude in your business you are likely to attract many more potentially skilled employees. Customers are more likely to shop from your business since, nowadays, people are looking to adopt and support more sustainable methods of living.
  • By choosing to recycle your toner cartridges, it helps in reducing the amount of waste which goes to landfill. Much of the waste in landfills takes years to decompose when they can just as easily be reused.

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